If you could have one date with anyone, who would it be?

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  • Hamas

    Hi Rose...

    Leicester is right in the of England....

  • Hamas

    ..... and Tex,

    those blonde bimbo's don't do it for me, man.

    But whatever floats your boat !

    .... but I really don't see what is so good about them !

  • berylblue


    GREAT answer.

    See, this is why I love you, Hamas.

    Okay, right....let's see. Okay, now LIVERPOOL (1/2 of the evil ex husband from hell's "heritage") is on the right. But Yorkshire is on the left, right?

    I gotta go look at a map.

    If you are from any where near Yorkshire, Hamas, I'm afraid it's over.

    Oh, and are you at least 15 years younger than I? Gotta have my standards. Alan was 15 years younger.

  • berylblue

    Well, Hamas, I can' find Leciskehkrtejkrejkrejshireshireshire or whatever the hell it is on the map. I did find something abbreviated Leis. Which is kind of in the center.

    Well, it doesn't matter. You're still hot.

  • berylblue

    I can't read a thing today. First the thread with mini, now this.

    yes, right in the heart.


    You're cool.

    Aren't you glad I approve?

    Just as long as you don't have a combination Liverpool/East Yorkshire Humberside East Yorkshire accent. (What exactly is it these days? Did that area officially go back to being East Yorkshire or something like that?

  • arrowstar

    Anyone?? As in ANYONE? Well, I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell, but since it's fantasy and not reality...I choose....

    Arrowstar of I can't wait for Hockey Season to begin class

  • Hamas

    lol ... !!!!

    I could have told you that your husband from hell was a nutter before you began.... thieving scouse bum. lol , sorry but in the UK scousers ( people from Liverpool ) get a lot of abuse from others, just English folklore I suppose !

    And anywhere near Yorkshire is bad. I'm nowhere near there ... after watching 'Yorkshire's finest wedding videos' on TV once I vowed never to visit.

    ... but here is Leicester ....

    ... you see where Leeds is up north, thats Yorkshire area, and near Manchester is where evil hubby hails from !!!

    ... But Leicester is the place to be, hun

  • berylblue

    Yes, it is all coming back to me.

    Flew into Manchester Airport the first time I visited.

    Pretty up there.

    Loved the city of York.

    Whitby was fabulous.

    My ex was an ass.

  • obiwan

    berylblue, taste is one of the things Tex is thinking of!

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