Wow i do not reconize this religion anymore...

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  • darkspilver

    Not sure why someone down voted my post above

    In terms of the OP's thread title - Wow i do not reconize this religion anymore - the WT's website, over the last 20 years, is an example of that very principle in action.

    Twenty years ago the WT was very specific in the 1997 KM I quoted

    The purpose of our Web site is not to release new publications

    And today?

    ALL new releases are released via the website first

    Actually I don't think they're even producing physical DVDs anymore - so those are ONLY being released via website/app


    Yeah, down vote if you want, but here's the letter from last year:

    Letter March 18, 2016 - Re: Discontinuing Feature-Length DVD and Audio CD Production

  • jp1692

    Morpheus: In just two short years that religion has done a 180 and embraced everything it was against.

    It's "New Light" brother.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol i wouldnt take that downvote personally, dark. It was prob someone scrolling on a smart phone, hit the downvote spot and didnt even notice :) you didnt say anything remotly controversial

  • darkspilver


    haha - yeah, maybe - though TBH I thought it was probably someone not realising my ironic use of "Celebrating 20 Years: 1997 to 2017"

    My post that included a line (in English) from a Jacques Brel song was also downvoted - but it was my reaction to a FLEMISH language song video being posted - hence the connection to the song Marieke - oh, and it's Friday today

  • sparrowdown

    I think this religion has always been a cult it's just the window dressing that changes. Whatever sort of religion we thought it was never existed.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    Whatever sort of religion we thought it was never existed.

    Sparrowdown, that sums it up perfectly!

    (Must try and remember that one)

  • tepidpoultry

    I noticed the dress change at my last conventions, over the six decades that I was in the people's dress had a quasi Amish feel to it, I had no real opinion about it but there was this certain feeling that I liked from the way they dressed, I recall enough brothers in sports jackets, now, the vast majority were wearing black suits, I can't even think of another setting where men would be dressed like this, I mentioned this to my Uber-Elder son who went into an apologetic involving black going so well in all seasons :) (absolutely nothing can be remarked upon) Changes yes, but creepy changes, I'm not a fan and would now be embarassed to bring an "interested" one,


  • fukitol

    After 120 years of officially having the most boring, dull, prosaic religious services in Christendom, they are resorting, at long last, to emotionalism to try and stop the young ones leaving in droves.

    Next it will be Sunday school and youth clubs.

    You can sprinkle glitter and fairy dust on a steaming pile of pooh but it's still just a pile of pooh.

  • TD

    Good thread.

    About half-way through, I was struck by the thought that collectively, the JW's have done exactly what Lot's wife allegedly did.

    Or am I wrong here?

  • baker

    I predict that soon the GB will start promoting Having a Choir in the front to lead in the awful singing currently. Just another adoption of their neimesis Christendom,s ideas to numb the masses into submission thru music. They already have a choir online trying to compete with the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

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