The US military INTENTIONALLY KILLS innocent people??? Where?? When???

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  • jelly
    Note that the flights to drop the bombs were unchallenged ... also Tokyo was being 'bombed at will'. The war was already over.

    The Japanese air force was defeated, did that stop the Japanese from fighting on okinawa? I mean with no air force or tanks to speak of okinawa was a cake walk for the Americans right? Also the Japanese didnt waste AA shells on single American bombers becuase they assumed that they were recon flights and not on a bombing mission.

    You take facts of history and instead of interelating them with the reality of what was happening at the time you attempt to use them as single threads to support your distorted views. Examples:

    • You quote American Generals but dont take their bias into account or even the context of their discussion
    • You site American air supperioty as a sign the Japanese were done, the reality was completly different the japanese were quite willing to fight without tanks, or airplanes helping them. These people were not the french.

    In short instead of looking at all the facts from an event and attempting to find an explanation where everything fits, you pull single threads of facts and attempt to use them to draw conclusions while ignoring the lions share of the evidence.

    Once again reality disturbs your view of the 'truth' (BBC quote marks added form emphasis)

    America has made mistakes this was not one of them, find something else to justify you American hate with.


  • talesin

    The US may be the current 'ruling' power of the world, and is constantly attacked. Two hundred years ago, Britain was that power. The only people who know what really happened in WWII, Vietnam, or any other conflict are those who were there. Although debate is a good thing, can we ever answer these questions? Not IMHO. Let's all stop bashing each other over something we can never solve.

    As much as I have known, and loved, individuals who are soldiers, sailors and airforce, IMO, the military is a tool of the power brokers of the world, who continue playing their games to see who can get the most profit.


    (crying at the sad loss of life of all the centuries of war and for the young men whose psyches were destroyed because of the atrocities they commited in the name of their countries, both past and present from the beginning of history until now and in every country of the world)

    I started this post, I would like to end it here.

    Stan (who didn't intent for this post to get this ugly)

    Stan, best thing to do, is not start threads about these sort of things in the first place.

    Once you put a question/statement out there, like the one you did: be prepared for replies, some of which may not find favour.

    We went through several rounds of this back in February/March of this year.

    I loved JT's remarks: spoke volumes.

    I read through most of the replies, but after awhile, they all start to look the same.


    The dead horse has been beaten again. Giddy-up

  • StinkyPantz
    The dead horse has been beaten again. Giddy-up

    No truer words have been said this entire thread.

  • Yerusalyim


    You point out "T-shirts" and "mottos" as proof of the US military being "naughty" in Vietnam...ummmm, read a bit of history...real'll find that in Vietnam...a MUCH longer war...fewer American atrocities occured than in WW2. Vietnam is a much maligned war that's gotten horrible press. With the exception of Mi Lai few can think of or point to any real attrocities committed by the US forces...The photo of the young girl with her clothes burned off by napalm, so often used to point to US atrocities...the girls name...Kim Phuc, the photographer...Nick Ut (AP)...just so happens that no US troops or aircraft were involved in that incident in 1972. Vietnam, the slur against america...Ms Phuc defected from Vietnam and at last count lives in Toronto.

    The US does indeed have moral high ground...especially in this moral comparison can be drawn between the US and Saddam...or Bin Ladin...

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