Steven Lett asks for money again

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    the BS meeter, sorry
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    I'm not going to watch it...but for those that did - did Lett remove his rolex or rings for this one like he did the last time? I think I remember that he removed his rolex last time, but if the image above is from this month's begging session it looks like he may have not only removed the rolex but the infamous pinky ring as well.

    He still wears a watch but it's barely visible and probably not gold. But he DID remove his big-ass gold pinky ring, as he did in May, so I think that's on purpose. Especially because he does wear it on other videos he's starring in.

  • slimboyfat
    Don't discount cognitive dissonance. Sometimes the wackier religion gets the harder believers believe in it.
  • Syme

    The late George Carlin put it so wonderfully

    Somehow, God of every religion is almighty and needs no-one, but constantly asks for MONEY.

  • honest

    Just before My fade and when I was awake and knew about tatt, I purposely didn't donate. Since they wouldn't let me leave freely with out loosing my family I would purposely grab as many publications I could with out contributing 😉

    I would imagine a few do the same thing.

  • stuckinarut2
    So the fact that he removed his rings and expensive watche proves that they monitor sites like this!
  • punkofnice

    Even dyed in the wool JWs are beginning to think that the watchtower popes only want money.

    Hurrah for JW dot really is exposing the governing body and WBT$ for the filth that it is.

  • konceptual99

    Of course Lett has the right to have a watch and rings. They can be any price if he's paid for them or someone has gifted them to him.

    The point is about appearance.

    The GB live in an ivory tower where their needs are taken care of by others. They supposedly live on the same stipend as the rest of the Bethel family.

    With that in mind, it's at the very least, in poor taste to appear on a worldwide broadcast going out to many millions of people, many living in very poor circumstances, wearing the trappings of material success and repeatedly beg for contributions.

    People can be pragmatic about the first class world wide travel, luxury accommodation, exclusive trips provided by wealthy brothers and so on. Most of this people do not see first hand. It really starts to grate and breed resentment when it's pushed in peoples' faces over JWB whilst begging for more greenbacks over and over again.

    The evidence for watches being expensive models has been presented many times here and elsewhere.

  • coalize
    You need to tell that to people who are given rings as gifts from employers, you need to tell that to people who are RETIRED AND GET A BUCKET OF MONEY WHEN THEY DO IT

    In that case :

    * Employer : WTBTS. They give rings to bethelites now? And expensive ones?

    * Retirement : These guys never worked in their life...What bucket of money?

    Then you are seeing the problem by yourself : The storyline is these people was missionaries all their life. They shouldn't have no money and no clothes more expensive than my car like we can see on this video.

  • WingCommander
    He doesn't have pinky ring or Rolex on, but he DOES have embroidered initials on his shirt cuffs. Probably Brooks Brothers.

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