Would you ever visit Bethel?

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  • lisavegas420

    I found this at watchtowerobserver.org


    Bethel Branches All Over The World
    There are Bethels with bethel brothers and sisters all over the world. So when we speak of visiting Bethel we do not necessarily mean just Bethel in NY. A Bethel Vacation could include visiting a Bethel facility anywhere a bethel branch exists.

    The Best Vacation on Earth
    The best vacation on earth for Jehovah's Witnesses is one that includes a Bethel visit. Seeing how happy everyone is at Bethel as they work hard for Jehovah and for others allows visitors to personally see with their own eyes and feel with their own heart what life in the truth can be like for all of us. It will encourage you to focus not only on your own congregation, but on what Jehovah is doing world wide through his faithful earthly and heavenly organization. We have seen first hand what a visit to bethel can do. The tours the Bethel brothers arrange for visitors have the potential to change for the better your view of Jehovah, the organization, and your own congregation forever.

    Memories You Can Share with Your Home Congregation
    One last point. While the buildings, machines, and procedures you get to see and learn about are interesting and encouraging, they pale in comparison to the affect the tour guides and the bethel workers will have on you and the friends traveling with you. You will remember most the attention you receive from the tour guides and the bethel family. You will be made to feel welcome, loved, and appreciated by the dear brothers who serve at Bethel. You will never forget all the smiles, waves, and hello's that you personally experience. You will adopt the attitude of your bethel guide and the bethel workers you see on your tours and you will take that attitude back home to your local congregation. Like the ripples in a pond, the blessings that come from a visit to Bethel will radiate out through you. Now you can see why we believe the best vacation on earth for one of Jehovah's Witnesses includes a visit to Bethel.

    This is really sickening! As usual, their double standards are evident. If other religious people visit their sacred places, they are involved in idolatry . If Jehovah's Witnesses are doing the same - and filling their pockets with dollars, they have The Best Vacation on Earth

    I never went, however, my parents went on the day of my wedding. My mom said, she had to set an example as to what was most important in their lives.


  • Odrade
    I never went, however, my parents went on the day of my wedding

    What???!!! That's sick. talk about emotional blackmail. Can I go puke now? *walks off muttering obscenities*

  • stillajwexelder

    No I would not -- if I am in NYC or other great city -- there are far too many other places I would want to see than tour Bethel and have to wear a suit and neck tie which I think men ar esupposed to now -- there has been a few KMs and WTs on the subject

  • caligirl

    I went as a teenager on one of those dreaded bus tours. I specifically remember standing in the office building looking out at the Statue of Liberty and making a comment to the suit in the office that it made a nice view and the imbicile actually had the gall to tell me that he never really noticed because he was to busy with whatever his job was! And I say imbicile only because he expected me and everyone else to believe that he didn't "notice" the view. The whole tour was a waste of a perfectly good thansgiving vacation. We also visited Stanley Theater, which was pretty, but totally wasted as a place to hold assemblies. The farm was just as dull, and worse because it is out in the middle of nowhere. I certainly don't feel that my life was enriched or "blessed" in any way, shape or form by visiting any of it.

  • iiz2cool

    I went on tours of the Canadian Bethel many times when bringing bible studies there for tours. What impressed me was the food at lunch. It was good, and plenty of it. I thought that having 2 prayers for the meal was a little much though.

    I sure wouldn't bother with it now though.

    Canadian District Overbeer

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  • talesin

    Been to Bethel & WT Farm as a teen. Even though I was a 'good little dub' as you say, I was bored out of my mind. There we were in NYC, and had to waste time on this, instead of MOMA.

    The only thing I found interesting was the printing presses (for about 2 minutes).


  • Stephanus

    Yes, but only because it'd be all foreign to me - it isn't my own heritage of spiritual abuse, therefore I'd be interested to see the operation that inspires the writing of so many words both here and elsewhere on the net.

  • Joyzabel

    Only to rescue some friends still there.

    Last time we were in NYC was to march for Silentlambs. Very interesting perspective to be on the outside looking in after living there for several years. <shivers with the creeps>


  • shotgun

    With all I'm going through My family and several elders have said repeatedly( If only you could visit brooklyn Bethel then you could see Jehovah is truly directing the Org)

    Is there a big pillar of smoke by day and fire by night...what's the story?

    What floor is the most holy on?

    I think to truly see who is directing the org I'd need to go to the legal dept?

    And no disrespect to lawyers but I thought it was common knowledge all lawyers are going to hell...what are they doing at heavens doors(brooklyn bethel)

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