Would you ever visit Bethel?

by freedom96 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Odrade

    well, they have these incredible conveyor belts that run all over the place. Like a million square feet of them. And there are lots of boxes. Sometimes the boxes even run UPHILL on the conveyors for a little ways. That's gotta be some kind of a miracle right? And the leather stamping machine is pretty amazing too.

    LOLOL @ shotgun. Yep, that's the policy, make sure you get your impressionable newly teenaged boy back there to see Bethel. Almost guarantees he'll be gettin' dunked at the next assembly.


  • Prisca

    I've seen two Bethel branches - Australia and Greece.

    They're all pretty much the same - printing presses, offices, meal room, etc. Only difference is the local flavour. Greece had little cottages for its workers to live in. They had to build it that way so to get building approval. Other than that, they're pretty boring.

    Not sure if I'd want to visit HQ in Brooklyn. Maybe as a way of "closure". But there are other NY sights I'd be wanting to see before I saw Brooklyn Bethel.

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