Since We Are In 2020 What Do You Miss?

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  • RubaDub

    Rub, if you really don’t want to contribute to a thread why do this stuff? ..... The class clown 🤡 strikes again.

    Min .....

    Am I really a class clown? I view some of my thoughts (some may disagree) as observing the absurdities of our existence.

    I mean you have to agree posing in public like jp1492 with the broom thing could cause some odd stares by neighbors and people walking down the sidewalk. He wasn't doing this in some gym or enclosed area.

    Similar to seeing Jethro Tull concerts. I remember Ian Anderson, the lead singer and flautist. He wore odd-looking clothes like from a Peter Pan movie, tights, pointy boots and played the flute standing on one foot with the other foot twisted into his crotch somehow. Great music, went to the concerts at least three times. A lot of hit songs (especially from the Aqualung album). But if I did that in the front yard in public I would likely have a social worker knocking on my door Monday morning.

    That's all. I really didn't think that was "class clown" material.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    I miss a lot public events such as sport events, travel out of country.

    I dont think virus problem will go on forever but its been a annoying pain in the ass to say the least.

  • jp1692

    Rub, I wasn’t posing. It’s a still from a video of a kata I was practicing. I sometimes film my kata so I can watching for self-evaluation, or I might send it to my sensei for feedback.

    At first I did get some stares and looks of curiosity from others. But the regulars all now wave as do the police who are frequently in the neighborhood on patrol.

    Several regulars having stopped by and asked about what I’m doing. It’s a better conversation starter than walking around with a briefcase full of Watchtowers and Awakes!

    You might be surprised to learn that my neighbors do quite a few things in this park that you would also probably find odd. In addition to the more common things like playing soccer or softball, there is a yoga class here every Saturday morning. I’ve also seen people boxing, and there is a couple that often practices knife throwing.

    When you can’t go to a gym or a dojo, you have to work with what you’ve got.

    By the way, I also train with swords and sais in the park as well. Occasionally the assistant sensei from my dojo comes and trains with me. To practice social distancing we usually use or bos or swords. So then you’ll see two men sword fighting outdoors. It’s great physical and mental conditioning and also quite fun!

    You might find it odd. That’s fine. I quit living my life according to what others think I should or should not do when I left the JW cult.

    I gave up martial arts and a whole lot of other things when I became a JW. Now that I’m free of that cult, I’m not gonna let a little thing like a global pandemic stop me from doing what I want.


  • RubaDub

    I’ve also seen people boxing, and there is a couple that often practices knife throwing.... By the way, I also train with swords and sais in the park as well.

    @jp1492 ...

    I must be boring. I do golf and tennis. Very boring I guess.

  • jp1692
    RubaDub: I must be boring. I do golf and tennis.

    Both activities—I must point out—that involve moving around outdoors with oddly shaped sticks! 🤣

    You train to hit balls for fun. I train to hit people for self-defense, and the mental and physical discipline which that requires.

  • jp1692

    For RubaDub,

    This morning in the park training with a few of my toys!

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