Since We Are In 2020 What Do You Miss?

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  • minimus

    Yes we have given up our rights. And they will continue to try to take them away if they are allowed

  • titch

    I miss the local County Fair, in the county where I live; the County Fair Board, back in March, decided to cancel it. (It was the "highlight" of Summer, for me) I also miss some of the local home-town parades that had to be cancelled. Oh well.....Best Regards to all.


  • minimus

    I was talking to someone who is in the mental health field today at work and she said believe it or not this pandemic is getting to people mentally and people are starting to lose it. When you don’t get together with people on a normal basis and you have to wear masks for protection or gloves people can be negatively affected. It’s getting to people when you can’t even enjoy a state fair or even a little parade.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I miss going to the supermarket without being forced to wear a face-diaper.

  • RubaDub

    I liked that pic by jp1692 with big mop handle.

    I used a broom handle and went into my front yard and did some poses. I got some strange looks from the neighbors.

  • jp1692


  • RubaDub

    Reminds me of a movie (I can't remember the title) where a guy gets confronted by someone doing karate moves with sticks and a lot of other stuff and starts screaming different words and things.

    The guy just pulls out a gun, shoots him, and walks away.

  • minimus

    Rub, if you really don’t want to contribute to a thread why do this stuff? You really must be bored and get your jollies from thinking you are disruptive. The class clown 🤡 strikes again.

  • RubaDub

    Min, ok, I guess I didn't make a contribution.

    I stand corrected.

    Maybe if you had seen the faces on the people walking down the sidewalk when I was doing that stuff with the mop handle you would understand.

    I any case, I stand corrected. I will improve.

  • Justaguynamedmorph

    Sounds like the market scene from raiders of the lost ark.

    it was actually an improvised moment. Harrison Ford had food poisoning

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