What is the most troubling or disturbing biblical passage you ever had to rationalise when a Jw?

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  • Finkelstein

    Pretty much the entire book of Revelation with all its mythical destruction of people by the hands of the loving and true god Yahweh.

    .......ie. and birds will feast of the dead bodies lying on the ground.

    Sadly people think this is real and not fictional mythology expressed by an ancient civilization (Hebrews) to create power and relevance to their god Yahweh

  • dogisgod

    I think it's in Zephaniah......PROBABLY you will be concealed in the day of Jehovah's anger. PROBABLY....no guarantees.

  • mentalclarity

    The scripture about the 144,000- All of the other scriptures in Revelation were meant to be taken symbolically but for some odd reason this one was literal. Yeah, that was a hard sell.

  • dubstepped

    God killing the guy that reached up to steady the ark of the covenant from falling. WTF? I never got that one.

  • Simon

    Yeah, but to be fair, god would also have killed him for letting it fall. God is just that awesome, LOL

    I think the "smash babies heads on rocks my people" is pretty bad. I'm pretty sure that killing babies is a war crime and not the act of a loving god.

  • dubstepped

    Well Simon, if we're being fair, those babies had it coming.

  • Vidiot
    mentalclarity - "...the 144,000... for some odd reason this one was literal..."

    I've actually given this one some thought, and think there are a few reasons for why the Org came up with it...

    1. At the time, they never in a million years would have thought the Org's membership would grow to the size it did, so it was easy to imagine all (approximately) 144,000 Bible Students going to heaven...

    2. General anti-"Christendom" contrarianism... "they believe this, so we'll teach that..."

    3. Authoritarian regimes just love internal elitism.

  • Crazyguy

    Where the great Jah tortures David son to death over a 7 day and night period of time for something his father did for David’s son is just a new born baby!

    Another one I found a couple of years ago is in Ephesians where it says the Jah “like the sweet smell of his sons burnt flesh or sacrifice “ can’t remember the exact words. Disgusting!!!

  • cofty

    Slavery - not the arrangement of one Israelite to another, but the full-blooded slavery where gentiles could be owned by Israelites as heritable possessions and effectively beaten to death.

    The bible's failure to condemn the principle of one human owning another rules out any possibility that it is worthy of respect.

  • eyeuse2badub

    A couple of scriptures that really grabbed me were in last Sunday WT lesson paragraph 2 regarding Noah! ---Genesis 6:13-18

    Before really reading and then rereading these verses, I always thought that Noah and his family were just lousy preachers since they didn't convert even one worldly person before the flood. Right?

    No wrong!

    According to those 6 verses, jehober had judged the world of mankind and he told Noah that he had already decided to "destroy from under the heavens all flesh that has the breath of life." (except Noah and his family) BEFORE HE EVEN TOLD NOAH ABOUT BUILDING THE ARK!

    So there was really no hope for all them world lings? Their destiny was set before the Ark's blueprint was given to Noah. Noah was a "preacher of righteousness". Must have been considered "righteous" to preach death and destruction to all those folks!

    just saying!

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