What is the most troubling or disturbing biblical passage you ever had to rationalise when a Jw?

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  • smiddy3

    Which genocide in the Bible are you talking about Drearyweather for there are many that occurs in the Hebrew/Old testament scriptures that have the sanction and blessing of a so called God of love of humans ,whereas what took place in WW1 and WW2 while not being condoned were committed by imperfect / bad human beings .

    You cannot compare them to the Almighty God of Creation surely.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    The appetizing account included in the Holy Book about King Eglon:

    "Ehud reached with his left hand, drew the sword from his right thigh and plunged it into the king’s belly. Even the handle sank in after the blade, and his bowels discharged. Ehud did not pull the sword out, and the fat closed in over it." -Judges 3:21,22

    Holy sh*t. Literally.

    Usually, I'm pretty smooth sailing with sick humor. Ask any one of my buddies and they'll point to me, like "she's the gross one".But at the time that passage was being considered for the weekly Bible reading, I was pregnant with major morning sickness and nausea.

    My father and I were doing the Bible reading together and I was so sickened by the idea of feces oozing out of a pierced, tub of lard like Eglon. I remember being so furious that those details just HAD to be included in the scriptures. I actually stopped my old man from reading and told him that was the most revolting thing I'd ever read - why the hell would the Bible even say that?!

  • punkofnice

    I forgot to answer your questions properly.

    Now that we have stepped away from the JW faith, how do you feel about the bible itself?

    It's not holy and was put together by men. It's actually rubbish.

    What about those awkward sections of scripture?

    I no longer care to think of them. They are irrelevant.

    How did you rationalise or justify those sections?

    When I was a Jobo, I hoped Jehoooooooovah would reveal the true meaning at some point.

    I did the troubling scripture bit.

  • Vidiot

    @ crazyguy...

    I actually always understood that story as God not actively killing the baby...


    ...not miraculously saving it, either...

    ...thusly punishing David sand Bath-Sheba by giving them the foreknowledge that the kid was gonna die no matter what.

    Still kinda messed up, but not quite so bloodthirsty.

    I could be wrong.

  • truthseeker

    @Wake Me Up

    That's hilarious! Wasn;t King Eglon one of the Rephaim?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @truthseeker Oh no - the Rephaim were done away with much earlier in the Bible (at the latest, Deuteronomy). If he were a part of that tribe, it would have been several pant sizes ago.

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