Are you a Christian Who Accepts Evolution?

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  • truthseeker

    Not first human as you're thinking but an improvement over prehistoric humans. As for where Neanderthals came from I don't have an answer.

  • truthseeker

    JP, would you be open to the idea of willful genetic manipulation of prehistoric humans? That could be thought of as an assisted evolution. Scientists are doing this now by experimenting with chimeras. The only thing that stops them are term limits on the use of embryos.

    Evolution is not just about change for the sake of change but the whole concept of evolution is an improvement over it's genetic predecessor. And if a species wants improvement to survive it does indicate the possibility of some sort of primeval intelligence. That's why cancer is not evolution; it's cells gone wrong, but a fish out of water and growing legs is an improvement were there evidence for this.

  • jp1692

    TS: the whole concept of evolution is an improvement over it's genetic predecessor

    Um, no. That is not the "whole concept of evolution."

    The natural forces that select genetic changes are blind and unintelligent. There is no consciousness deciding: "This is better than that."

    It just happens.

    More to follow ...

  • truthseeker

    Thank you for the video. I found it informative. For this to be true scientists should at least be able to find a mechanism in the DNA to start subtle changes. I can't accept this at face value because the inter-species jump even over millions of years is too implausible. I think that each species has a built in inhibitor that prevents chimera reproduction even if different species try to mate outside their genetic profile. Plus there are still fish swimming in the ocean and every tin of tuna I eat could be me eating my ancestral descendants. 😁

  • truthseeker

    Jp, going by the video you posted I see nothing but improvement. Certainly not blind and unintelligent. The actor starts off with a fish and ends up with himself. If that's not improvement what is?

  • truthseeker

    If these evolutionary forces are blind and unintelligent then the whole theory of this process needs to be reconsidered. From the humble tribolite living in ancient lakes to a man building rocket ships. There's no way I can accept blind and unintelligent forces that somehow come together to make something intelligent. Ironically, this is the same reasoning used with creationists.

    I'm going for a break and I'll be back to check for updates.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I accept MasterCard and Visa actually.

  • truthseeker

    Let's fantasize for a bit how my theory could work.

    Man is at the threshold of landing on Mars and one day terraforming it. Let's say in 2,000 years Mars has been terraformed by humans and species brought over from Earth.

    There probably has to be some genetic tinkering just to get the creatures to breathe Mars' atmosphere. In time, intelligent life 'evolves' either through the relaxation of genetic inhibitors or assisted evolution. Then humans die off.

    Millions of years later intelligent Martian life, whatever it's physique, starts posting on forums like this asking where did they come from.

    Which is precisely what we are doing now. We want to know how did we get here. And we're arguing over evolution and Jesus and Adam and Eve.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    TS - You need to define improvement. Evolution isn't about improvement, it's about adaptation to the environment so an individual is more likely to reproduce; or to put it another way the individual that is better adapted to the environment it is in is more likely to successfully have offspring.

    Consider sickle cell anaemia, it is a debilitating disease. Would you call that an improvement? Well, in areas with high levels of Malaria infection it is because it infers an advantage to the individual of those 'healthy' individuals compared to those who do not have this disease. In that instance the infected individual is more likely to reach maturity and pass on their 'infected' genes than those healthy individuals that catch Malaria. In areas where Malaria is rare or non-existent this disease gives no benefit at all...

    Yes, you need to think about your use of the word improvement at the very least.

  • cofty

    Truthseeker - The following phrases show that you have a lot of very basic misconceptions about how evolution works...

    • I have never seen a cat give birth to a dog or a monkey to a human
    • You don't just grow a pair of eyes because you crawled out of a cave
    • It's possible that the story of Adam and Eve (being the first modern humans)
    • an improvement over prehistoric humans
    • the whole concept of evolution is an improvement over it's genetic predecessor.
    • And if a species wants improvement to survive
    • scientists should at least be able to find a mechanism in the DNA to start subtle changes

    By the way the evidence for the evolution of fish to tetrapods is abundant in the fossil record.

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    Evolution is a Fact #18 Fish Fingers

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