Are you a Christian Who Accepts Evolution?

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  • Ruby456

    small inclinations towards mood disorder, depression and tobacco are some of things the Neanderthals are believed to have contributed to Europeans and Asians. Not saying this as a downer but as some of the things that may have been encountered and resisted as well as making contributions to culture, politics and the building of an economy. edit: apparently they lived in N. Africa, across central and Northern Asia and may even have lived in China and Mongolia as well as Europe!!

    Neanderthals had lived in Europe and Asia for hundreds of thousands of years and so were well adapted to a colder climate and its pathogens. Offspring of the two populations thus might have been slightly better adapted in some ways to that environment, preserving Neanderthal DNA in the genome of modern humans.
    Capra’s team compared high-resolution maps of Neanderthal haplotypes with data on 28,416 present-day

    humans from the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network, a consortium linking genetic and medical diagnostic data from patients in seven academic medical centers across the United States.

    Using genomewide complex trait analysis, they found significant but small contributions to risk of actinic keratosis (2.49 percent), mood disorders (0.68 percent), and depression (1.06 percent) from the Neanderthals. The Neanderthal alleles are enriched near genes known to be associated with depression, wrote Capra and Simonti.

    A second approach, a phenomewide association study, also found associations with hypercoagulable state and tobacco use disorder.

    The latter finding had nothing to do with tobacco, a New World plant. Rather, it is connected to a single-nucleotide polymorphism involved with reuptake of the neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

  • Saename

    jp1692, now that's just incredibly stupid. Calm down. You haven't said a word which would indicate that you were agreeing with me. You simply quoted some article. Next time you want another person to get your meaning, say a f&cking word.

    Now I'm done responding to you. Bye.

  • Chook

    Cofty this is a subject I rarely comment on, I failed science at school and being bought up a catholic kid we believed the black book even though we didn't read it, but after being a Jw and reading it I understand why it should be on the self with all the other fairy tales.

    The problem with this subject is your asking are we a Christian first, then do we accept evolution? The problem I have I'm a bit like Thomas show me the holes. With history we have fossils which nuke all Jw chronology, then we still have to deal with this guy Jesus, I didn't meet him but he pull off some amazing David Copperfield, it's I don't understand why God would allow him to be killed, he did influence the calendar, if he was from God and he was a good guy the I think the GBs continuous shunning of teenagers had no place in the gospels. The whole evolution subject just blows my mind. I'm very simple and I don't like to think me and a monkey are cousins.

  • cofty
    I don't like to think me and a monkey are cousins

    You can't choose your relatives Chook

  • Ruby456

    well not all moneys are made the same!!

    oranguatans learned to tree walk - imagine the exhilaration and it came in handy for us humans too

  • oppostate

    OK. I'm still of the opinion that a Divine Entity could use the process of biological evolution, why not? And the Adam and Eve story thing is as simplified as the division of each developmentally creative stage into a day and a night. Considering the down-market nature of human scientific sophistication until not that long ago, it makes sense to me.

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