Collapse of JW Org - Possibly on the Horizon?

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  • JWTom

    This topics get a great deal of discussion here. What I find interesting is even some of my PIMI family is embracing the reality that all is not well with and that many current JWs are just going through the motions due to not having a good way out of the org. Wondering what could realistically lead to the collapse of in the not distant future? I find it hard to come up with anything that is a REAL, NEAR-TERM event or issue that could cause this. Seems like a slowly fading org. is more realistic. Interested to know if others have some solid thoughts in this area?

    Financial Collapse: Could happen due to lawsuits and an ever diminishing amount of money coming in from R&F JWs. The older JWs that are the primary financial support are passing away and even younger PIMI JWs (myself included) have no interest in supporting in any large way.

    Disease: I think this one is unlikely, but an extreme amount of death due to Covid within could lead to not enough R&F drones to keep things going. Potentially leading to the financial scenario.

    That is it! Really hard to come up with any major thing that could cause this to happen.

  • DesirousOfChange

    While I think there is very little (if any) successful recruitment today thanks to the availability of information on the internet, the JW's are reproducing and that seems to be their only real growth factor. Of course the Pew report indicates 2/3 of "born-ins" leave the religion. So, where is the growth coming from or is it all smoke & mirrors?

    After selling $2BILLION in real estate in Brooklyn, I have a difficult time believing they are too strapped for money. Maybe the investment income coming in is lower than expenses so they are seeing their nest egg being nibbled away. Since there is nothing transparent about their money (at least in the USA), we really have no idea of knowing their financial status. but they are paying MILLION$ in child abuse settlements.

  • Diogenesister
    Disease: I think this one is unlikely, but an extreme amount of death due to Covid within could lead to not enough R&F drones to keep things going. Potentially leading to the financial scenario.

    Perhaps it’s the take-the-lead drones dying off that could really lead to the collapse of the Org, at least as we know it (fascistic, controlling, demanding, guilt and fear inducing).

    I think the only reason they’ve been so careful about COVID-19 is because it’s the LEADERS themselves - older, heavy, unfit even morbidly obese MEN - who are statistically most at risk of death, or at least long term debility, from Covid.

    If they all die off we may end up with women leading the Org....heaven forbid!!!!

  • pistolpete

    Collapse of the JW Org - Possibly on the Horizon?

    The Watchtower makes up .001 of the population. (Not even close to the number 1) And to be honest, it's probably less than that because I don't believe there are 8 million full fledged believers - JWs world wide.

    With that in mind, if the Watchtower collapsed today, I doubt anyone would even notice besides the members and some exjws.

    I know 1.4 BILLION people in China wouldn't give a hoot

    I know 1.3 BILLION people in India wouldn't blink an eye.

    Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Russia wouldn't even bat an eye

    If you had two stories on the news all over the internet---Elections or Watchtower collapse, which do you thing people would click on!!

    Earth population wise------nobody really cares!

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I think the so-called collapse is actually planned by the governing body. They already introduced the 'rapture of the anointed' on 2013 so if they 'vanish' one day with all the funds the believers will hang on for a time. After most will disperse.The Governing body will be sipping tequila in the caymans

  • Overrated

    It's a snare and a racket, was a slip when the founder stated that. Some just didn't catch on.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    There are still Russelites, millenial dawnites, Bible students ,I amers still around. Just not very many.

  • mynameislame

    The new generation explanation is so stupid it makes me wonder if someone isn't trying to wind things down without causing mass suicides within the ranks.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Anyone watched Deutschland 89?

    Great series on Stan covering the years from 83-89 and the collapse of the Berlin wall.

    The way East Germans reacted was probably indicative of how jws would react if the org collapsed.

    Some were ecstatic they were free, some were scared or nervous because they didn't have a script for what came next in their lives. Some struggled with the idea of freedom and others tried their best to pretend it wasn't happening and did what they could to keep communism going.

    So, pretty much a spectrum of people with true believers at one end, to people that were glad it was over at the other.

  • RickJones

    As long as the WTS/JWorg can lure in people, exploit their ignorance and their other problems and people think they are doing good for themselves, the JWs will be around.

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