Collapse of JW Org - Possibly on the Horizon?

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  • waton
    Anyone watched Deutschland 89

    jjj: Anyone watch "Good bye Lenin"? funnnny!11

    pomos trying to keep a closet pimo alive. after the collapse. genius.

    the wt house of cards as we knew it, ca. 1957 is already s heap.

    JW org is a different animal that came out of the abyss. goody goody, grade 2 level mentality videos.

  • Magnum

    About six or seven years ago, I thought the org would maybe would have collapsed by now. It was just changing so much - dumbing down, becoming more mainstream, cutting back. Its predictions looked more and more wrong with the passing of time. The "generation" teaching was ludicrous. I thought most JWs would finally wake up, but I overestimated their intelligence, honesty, reasonableness, etc. Now, it seems that it will be a slow, gradual fading out of existence.

    However, I still do believe there could be a turning point followed by a crash. I mentioned this some years ago on this site, but I'll mention it again. In physiology, one learns about various systems in the body connected by feedback loops. A healthy body is able to maintain homeostasis - a condition in which all systems are functioning within normal parameters. When an animal or human is sick, one or more of these systems can become unstable and cause instability in other connected systems. If corrections aren't made, the whole overall system can become so unstable that a point of no return can be reached, the body crashes, and death ensues.

    JWdom functions like a big body with certain interconnected systems that have to be maintained. It's not like a religion that can continue to exist through small independent units like, for example, Southern Baptists. Baptist churches are basically independent of each other. One can collapse without affecting others. There is no central unit that is idolized (as is the JW GB) and that controls all. If one or more JW "systems" become(s) unstable, it could lead to collapse.

    What could some factors be that cause the "health" of JWdom to become unstable? Maybe finances. Maybe apathy caused by disappointment due to failed predictions and not physically meeting together, Maybe young ones having even less motive to stay in because they're not meeting with other young JWs and being influenced by peer pressure. Maybe more and more waking up. These factors could all work together and feed back on each other to cause the org to reach a point at which it collapses.

    I really wish it would collapse in the next few years. I would love to see the reaction of my JW relatives and a lot of other JWs.

  • vienne


    Sorry, I hit the thumbs down when I meant to hit thumbs up. I don't see a way to fix that. Again, I'm sorry for the error.

  • Phizzy

    The one thing that keeps the majority of JW's in is FEAR. Fear of a number of things, sometimes all of the things we could list, sometimes just one or two.

    The fear that keeps PIMO folks in is the fear of losing Family. Remove that fear, or diminish it greatly, and PIMO's would leave in droves.

    If a Court Action were successful in a major Court that the JW Org shunning was illegal, and they could be sued for damages, they would have a sudden shaft of New Light and change the Policy. I know they have foreseen this, and structured things in such a way that they think the Org itself is immune from Legal action, but if they are wrong, and it happens, I think the dwindling of the Org from their Reported 8 Mill plus would happen very fast, until they were down in the hundreds of thousands only.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I think the biggest threat is a splinter of schism at some point. For true believers the stress of trying to figure out which one represents "the truth" would be unbearable. Otherwise I think the show descent into obscurity and irrelevance will continue for the next decades.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    we may end up with women leading the Org....

    That's okay with head coverings lol

  • MeanMrMustard
    Sorry, I hit the thumbs down when I meant to hit thumbs up. I don't see a way to fix that. Again, I'm sorry for the error.

    Just hit thumbs up. It reverses your vote.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Collapse of JW Org - Possibly on the Horizon?

    No, it will be here for years to come. It will never collapse. Rather, it will slowly fizzle to a shadow of what it was. It will take decades for that to happen.

  • notsurewheretogo

    They sold up for $2 billion yet spend hundreds of millions each year on the CO's, Special Pioneers etc thus that $2 billion will not last long.

  • BluesBrother

    Nineteen years I have been on this board and all that time we have had threads predicting the imminent end of the Watchtower Society. .. we are almost as bad as they are for living in expectation of "the end"!

    Ok that was a bit tongue in cheek, but we predict it because we want it to happen. .... Me too. But I have no reason to expect it.

    These people are masters at self preservation and re inventing themselves. Look at the drastic changes to on line teaching, and the adoption of Zoom to replace meetings currently. We may see more links with commercial companies, anything to keep going and change with the times.

    No doubt it will fold someday but not for a long time yet.

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