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  • Gorbatchov

    It is still strange, that an organization, lead by a group of old timers, is gaining billions at the moment, without giving any transparency and accountancy feedback, because these men "trust each other", and come away with that.

    They got the property investment by the use of CoHi Associates, and deposit their liquid assets at the Caymans.

    It is clear: the real power behind the facade is securing his future.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not insane, but more and more I got this strong gut feeling that some governmental organization has the real power.


  • Finkelstein

    because these men "trust each other", and come away with that

    The GB or executive directors of the WTS. are and have been very secretive to its overall finances year to year.

    Its only in countries like Canada or the UK that these organizations have to disclose their finances to a government regulatory office.

    Most religions and non profit charity organizations like the WTS. are usually very discreet about its finances, including this one.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Whenever really big money is waved around, such as a billion dollars or so, people may think so. Don't get me wrong, Gorby, I'm not trying to discredit you, nor saying you are completely wrong. What I am saying is that, what they had originally invested in way back is now worth way more, like a billion dollars worth. And the notion of the seven cashing in on that even has me looking at myself in the mirror and saying what are they going to do with all this money?

    It just seems unfair that anyone should have such a "winfall". But it's their's and they know it. Bought and paid for. Now if they were transparent about things, like other religions and showed their books, we could see the trouble and say, ok, now I know why you are asking for donations.

    But when they play the secrets all the time, it just plays into the imaginations of the people all day long. And the press and the businessman of the Brooklyn area have taken notice of this as well. There was a recent post about this. I think it said something about how the JW's should donate $50 million dollars back into the local Brooklyn community for all the years of tax free status that the JW's enjoyed, and the if they don't then they are leaving without giving back anything.

    So I hear you loud and clear I think. Something still stinks in Brooklyn. Those guys will never fess up to it all. And I think they are dumb. The GB are not really running the show as far as the money distribution is concerned. But they have a team of experts doing that at their beck and call, I think.

    I have said this in another thread a few weeks back. When they do finally sell their billion dollars in Brooklyn, probably next year, that is 2017, WHAT they do months after that will really be a tell tale. Will they mention in the magazines about sending out way more missionaries back into the field BECAUSE of a money flow? Will they now say they have more money available now for X, Y & Z? My guess is that they will not. And that is because as an org they never have.

  • sowhatnow

    all those men are older, few if any, have children, so when one passes away,

    who slips into the position of heir ?

    yes, just what are they doing with all the money, when they know they cant take it with them?

    who benefits after they go?

    even a giant real estate company has a beneficiary. who is benefiting?

    really, what a life, invest, have unlimited funds, and live life in a hotel with no family or friends?

    are they actually world travelers , do they have private jets? are they living in luxury hotels touring the planet, claiming to be shepherding? lol

    who pray tell, does that sound like?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Oh. Totally agree. ''Tell tale'' signs what the Borg will do after the Brooklyn fire sale in the next few months, or year.

    Will they invite all the laid-off Bethelites back with all that '''huge chunk'' of change back with the Billions? Or do they just keep the money and keep the laid-off Bethellites in the field? I suspect the latter. That will be a very revealing sign.

  • Simon

    Money and power both corrupt ... and they have both.

  • pepperheart
    Ithink they will keep as much money as they can because they have no idea how much money is coming inn via donations and even now they have about 20,000 people to feed and 50 million mags a month to print and transport to places although in time with the magazines being undated they will be able to use them for years to come so they might not have to print so many
  • berrygerry

    Without being a total conspiracy-theorist, I think that the New Zealand branch sale was a precursor.

    SOMEBODY has considerable influence as to the money/real estate of this Org.

    That SOMEBODY has seen the MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN, and has determined the moves of the next five years.

    They are real estate development and sale related.

  • Dunedain

    The huge chunk of money will poor in. They will "bounce" off ideas to each other, on what they will do with the money. They will disagree on it, and probably decide to let an "unbiased" neutral party make the decisions.

    The sheer amount of money, WILL be too tempting, and enticing, to not corrupt the said parties. There will be "missing" moneys, and misappropriated spending.

    Then there will be infighting amongst the GB, as they point fingers, and blame each others for the "issues". This will cause them to take back complete "control" of the money.

    Now the GB, who are already starting to dis-trust each other, will REALLY be "eyeing" each other up. Like, who did what with the money, and who used what portion, and why did he spend that on that, and where did he get that from.

    Many, many, many, rumors will start seeping out of Bethel. Many, many, many R&F, will be hearing the "murmuring", and questioning the "money".

    This will cause the GB to become "proactive", and give their stupid, idiotic, "addresses" to the masses on It WILL come off as insincere, and questionable. This will cause a further riff between the GB, themselves, and between the GB, and the masses.

    This MONEY, will be the END of the ORG. It will make them become CORRUPT, and EVIL, and it WILL be absolute. The money "tables" will be flipped over, and trashed. The ORG, will "ROT" from the inside out, and top to the bottom.

    Any huge amount of money, like they will be getting, WILL ABSOLUTELY be the cause, and ultimate destruction of this MAN MADE organization. The peoples in charges TRUE colors will come out, and by their "fruits" we will see them, and the tree will be cut down at its very roots.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Hey Gorby, your post echoed what me and my best friend (non-J.W.) were discussing yesterday, namely, that due to their money/power, the Org (not G.B.) appears to have "friends and influence" within certain governments - especially in the U.S.A. - which seem to shield it from having its practices critically examined.

    Let's hope that in 2016, the U.K. Charities Commission Enquiry publicly exposes the Org's British "skeletons in the cupboard."

    ADDED: I don't believe for a moment that the 7 front-men for the Org have any control whatsoever over the financial resources of the corporation. Puppets don't pull their own strings!

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