The billions

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  • fukitol
    There's little doubt that a Masonic agenda has influenced the direction the Watchtower Society has taken at the highest level.
  • Vidiot

    @ fukitol...


    Frankly, it would be an improvement. :smirk:

  • Finkelstein

    The GB get to play and utilize hundreds of millions of dollars which the WTS has accumulated over the past century or more, control the lives of 8 million people, travel around the world and get treated like celebrities wherever they go, never have to worry about money or health medical costs or dental costs and be confidently assured that they have this privileged position right up until they die.

    From that perspective if you were in their shoes would you try to keep an organization in fluent continuation that is offering all of that to yourself ?

  • fukitol

    Not doubtful at all Vidiot.

    From Russell being buried by a Masonic cemetery in a pyramid, to the most glaring giveaway clue with their Bible being called the New World Translation (where is the expression New World found in scripture?), to their covert allegiance to and propagation of the UN objectives through their global publishing house and magazines distribution (the UN is a Masonic creation as the bureaucratic framework for the Platonic utopian ideal of global democracy), to their breaking down cultural, racial and language barriers and refusal to take up arms, to their preaching a global kingdom government uniting all nations under one pure language, to their frequently referring to themselves as a global 'brotherhood' (duplicating Freemason nomenclature)....the clues are obvious and replete that freemason and illuminati influences have affected the Watchtower Society.

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