Alec Baldwin Shot a Woman Dead

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  • NotNew

    This was a controlled movie set …not in your back yard. Get a clue.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Rule 1. Guns are always loaded

    Never take anyones word, check it yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the action ASK

    this will go nowhere

  • Simon
    There are lawyers out there saying Baldwin should shut up and start to think more like a defendant.


    If some other actor had done this on his movie, he'd be blaming them.

    If he did this on someone else's movie, he'd be blaming the process failure.

    HE did it on HIS movie. It's all on him.

    He was a careless asshole and it killed someone.

  • cyberjesus

    You are a trained explosives specialist (that knows all the safety measures of handling explosives) and you are hired to give a TOY explosive to another person for a photography and to make sure it is a toy... and you tell him THIS IS NOT A REAL BOMB is just a toy. You can play with it. I am hired to make sure you have only a toy.

    And the person with what he thinks is a toy presses a button and it explodes....

    Who has more responsibility? The company hiring the specialist, the specialist, the person who is given what he thinks is a toy..

    Does the political affiliation of any of the people matter? Their sexual orientation? Their view on abortion? Who they voted for? Their marital situation at home?

  • Simon

    Your analogy is wrong. Let me fix it for you:

    You know you are meant to hire a trained explosive expert but you cheap out and hire some local yokel for the role. Then on the day, you don't even have them doing the job, because "time is money" or something like that.

    So you take the real bomb from someone who tells you it's a toy, but you know they don't really know, or you should because it isn't their job, and you don't bother checking yourself, and you should.

    You throw the bomb and blow your colleagues to pieces and then cry "oh no, it's so unfair what's happened to ME!!"

    The person who is responsible is the one who hired the people, ran the show, didn't follow procedures and threw the bomb. He's a murderer or at best, an incompetent, irresponsible fool. Either way, he killed those people.

    The fact that he was a hypocritical preachy self-righteous virtue signalling prick why leapt at the chance to criticize others who had genuine reason to throw real bombs means he shouldn't get any sympathy.

  • Diogenesister
    What if a well known celebrity who was a staunch right wing republican did this while working on a movie set, would they be labeled in the same manner ?

    I've got to admit I agree with everything you said simon but I think it's got bugger all to do with what side of political spectrum actor is etc.

    It's the second on set death I've heard of in the last year or so. A walking Dead stunt man was pushed 20 ft on to a concrete floor because someone "forgot" to check if the soft-land mattress was underneath.

    These people get paid a fortune but still can't do a common sense job.

    Whose the senior, most experienced person on set with all the clout?

    You have your culprit.

  • LoveUniHateExams
  • Simon
    I think it's got bugger all to do with what side of political spectrum actor is etc.

    Normally, I would agree. But when it's someone who has been so vocal and so critical of other shootings, when those shootings have been in self-defence, then their political statements about the issues make pointing out their hypocrisy and double standards fair and valid IMO.

    One thing I can guarantee: if this had been a conservative / Trump supporter that had done this, it would be on SNL already. Because it's Alec Baldwin, a democrat / anti-Trumper, it probably won't ever be mentioned.

    So who really are the ones who "politicize" things? It's the left. It's people like Alec Baldwin.

    He can swing on the gallows he built as far as I'm concerned.

  • Diogenesister

    This is the "Armourer" who sounds like she had zero training except to go with her Dad to movie sets on "bring your kid to work" days!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Just read an interesting article from an attorney who said based on current information we have, Baldwin will probably be at least civilly (negligence) and potentially criminally (manslaughter) liable.

    All the fingers point at him, because he is the co-producer and the one that pulled the trigger. He is responsible for having safety personnel, training of the actors in safe handling of firearms etc

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