Alec Baldwin Shot a Woman Dead

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  • Simon

    So Alec Baldwin shot a woman dead on set and seriously injured another man.

    What do we put this down as? A tragic accident? Maybe ... except that implies no one was to blame.

    The more you find out, the more it seems that this was due to negligence and lack of attention to safety. Corners were being cut.

    Some questions:

    Why do liberal elites preach one thing in public, but do a different thing in private? What happened to all the "care for the low paid"? Out the window when it comes to saving a few bucks ...

    Isn't a prop gun that can shoot and kill someone really just a gun, that is being used as a prop? It's 2021, is it not possible to make a genuinely fake gun that can't possibly fire anything at anyone? I had a cap-gun 45+ years ago that could make a bank and a puff of smoke for Christs sake and I didn't have any CGI budget or post-effects people.

    Why don't they at least make prop guns only take "prop caliber bullets" so that loading a real round couldn't happen (cough, cost, cough).

    If you are firing a gun in a movie, is there really ever any need to point it at anyone for real? No, there isn't. I'm not a director, but I know camera-angles are a thing.

    Anyone who points a gun at someone and pulls the trigger is responsible for what happens - they should have taken charge of making sure what was loaded in it or not. It's like the "did you pack this case yourself" question at the airport checkin.

    He was the producer, he was (from the sound of it) responsible for the lack of safety procedures, he was responsible for using untrained people and he was responsible for pulling the trigger.

    I think he's guilty, but don't expect anything to happen to him, because liberal elites will be finding a friendly judge as we speak, and it will morph into "oooh, guns ... a gun shot someone"

  • Rafe

    Strange and bit sad for all the people involved including Alec Baldwin.

    The big question I'm sure most people would want to know is why was a live /hot gun with real ammo even on the set ?

    A few people involved including Alec Baldwin could be found negligent.

  • FedUpJW

    Growing up around firearms I remember my dad drilling into me that, "There is NO SUCH THING as an 'accidental' shooting death." There is also, "NO SUCH THING as an 'unloaded' gun." And you, "NEVER point a firearm at something and pull the trigger unless you fully intend to kill what you are pointing the gun at." If those three firearms safety rules had been followed someone who is dead now would still be alive.

    O course nothing will happen to that liberal elite piece of crap.

  • Rafe

    Funny how everything now days has to have some kind political ideology attached to it.

    What if a well known celebrity who was a staunch right wing republican did this while working on a movie set, would they be labeled in the same manner ?

  • FedUpJW

    By me? YES! Firearm idiots know no political party, and any moron who carelessly handles a firearm without practicing firearm safety and injures or kills another person is a piece of crap! It just happens Baldwin is a liberal piece of crap!

    However , the majority of anti-firearm nutcases are in fact liberals.

  • Rafe

    Hilarious how people find it necessary to assimilate someone's personal political ideology when pointing out their wrongful behavior or actions come about.

    Why cant people just be labeled irresponsible apathetic careless jerks.

    Right wing conservative, lefty wing liberal, centralist, dictator, communist whatever ?

    Its makes their actions more identifying on a human level does it not ?

  • cyberjesus

    Doesn't he need to be chqrged with a crime then tried for the crime then found guilty of it to be guilty?

    accidents only happen to people who have the same politicial opinions as us?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @Rafe: Baldwin is an apathetic careless jerk, but it is highly correlated to his left-wing ideology. That is what is hitting people’s nerves. One of his tweets a few years ago mocked a police officer saying he wonders how it feels to “wrongfully” shoot someone when a suspect got in a struggle to take the gun off said officer. His “comedy” similarly mocks people and police officer as dumb rednecks when they shoot a criminal.

    I know not all Democrat voters are the same, but Baldwin is a specific type of Hollywood ideologue, he has always been a high profile gun control advocate, demanding that the proles don’t have access to guns, but apparently he hires armed security and apparently doesn’t even know the first thing about gun safety.

    His reaction as reported was likewise telling that he is a hypocrite sociopath, which is typical for the liberal elite. The initial reports said Baldwin got angry for having to reshoot a take and picked up the gun to “mock shoot” them which he believed to be an unloaded prop and pulled the trigger, which shot the victims. Anti-gun activist indeed. Note the people shot weren’t actors, they had no reason being in the line of the shot. Even a prop gun that shoots blanks can potentially be lethal. Losing your cool and working your anger out on the people that work for you, it wouldn’t be the first time for Baldwin.

    Then there is the fact that the guns had already malfunctioned but the production being too cheap didn’t want to fix it, causing several people to already have walked off the set over safety concerns.

    All the mean time his buddies in the media are now spinning the story and blaming his prop master and I’ve even seen an article blaming “low budget” and COVID for the shooting. Because Baldwin and his bosses were too cheap ($6M is a huge budget imho, Baldwin taking a huge chunk of that) the government now needs to step in and give him more money so this doesn’t happen again.

    Not only that, but the union of movie set workers IATSE has been threatening to strike over poor working conditions, mask mandates and safety concerns for months, but big Hollywood and the media have both covered up that story while big studios tried to keep production going. Eventually union leaders bowed to Disney and co with some minor concession. Did you hear Baldwin’s Twitter complain at any point over the last few weeks that his staff was working in unsafe conditions? Any other big actor join in solidarity? Nope, they all took their lead from the studio and shut up about it.

    If you’re going to advocate for a specific thing, fine, but at least don’t be a dumbass about it.

  • Rafe

    Well Anony Mous you sure know a lot what happen, you must have been there and even how Baldwin responded after.

  • Simon

    Which bit of "as reported" do you have trouble understanding?

    The fact is, he shot and killed a woman and seriously injured someone else. If he'd attended an NRA firearm safety course this could have been avoided, and he's quick to judge others who have far better legitimate reasons to be firing guns at people.

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