I am going to try hanging out with you people

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  • CruithneLaLuna

    Thank you, people. I REALLY feel all warm&fuzzy now, with such a copious outpouring of warmth from such apparently diverse souls.

    You know, I think the JW experience was probably good for us in some ways; at least, it may have honed some positive inclinations that we brought to it; and our being here evidences that we ultimately worked up and exercised the courage to discriminate between the positives and negatives about it - according to what I call the Operational Definition of Truth (TM).

    Tink, is that picture really of you??? Damn, girl, I 'bout had a heaart attack.

    Re: Druid types - I'm more inclined toward "progressive Druidism" than the opposite extreme. (Two people agree to start a religion; within a year, one is leading one sect, and the other a different one.) I am reading a book that, although not (to my knowledge) specifically Druid in origina, articulates some principles that are consonant with what I've been learning (or remembering?):

    0. Believe nothing; entertain possiblities.

    1. Imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow.

    2. Better to create prophecy (active co-creation with the Divine) than to live prediction.

    3. The invisible world would like to help, but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask.

    4. The only way the gods know we're asking for help is through ritual.

    5. If something is a problem, make it bigger.

    6. We only possess the power of an insight when we give it expression.

    7. Creativity comes from the wedding of paradox.

    Most of that fairly reeks of the spirit of Druidry as I've been experiencing it and learning it.

    Thanks again for the hearty welcome. I feel like giving you all a big giant group cyber-hug. ((((You all))))


    PS ~ I am the tiny body that unites the energies of Mars and Venus, an innocuous part (in a way that is often hard to figure out, and to explain) of the grand system beside the Greater Powers, soft and organic rather than hard and metallic. I have the spirit which persists and is ever-renewed, from ancient times, of legendary peoples and their heroes. I Googled "Cruithne" too, and felt some degree of resonance with most of the entries.

  • drwtsn32

    Welcome (back) Cruithne!!!

    May you find as many great people here as I have.

  • tinkerbell82
    Tink, is that picture really of you??? Damn, girl, I 'bout had a heaart attack.

    aand now you know why i like this guy so much!!! just kiddin

  • KGB

    The know it alls and the self righteous ones you just have to tell them piss off and enjoy the ones who are understanding, kind and caring. You will find some here that no longer believe in God, their anger towards the borg went much deeper towards God himself. But then there are some who still believe in the Lord and who love him very much, like me....These are the ones that are an inspiration especially to me.

    You can expect to be torn to shreds by some and lifted up by others. Not everyone here who no longer believe in God are bad people, they will respect you for whatever you believe in and then there are those who are ruthless but we know what happens to those who are ruthless. I pitty them because I think they are the ones who are lost the most...

    I have went through my wars here with many and many with me and some of them and I are now friends. It's humbling coming to this board, there are so many different walks of life here and so many people went through different types of problems in the borg. So we have to take that into consideration.

    I wish you all the luck in the world here and if ever need someone to talk to on a personal note please feel free to PM me. My name is Merrill and I was never baptised into the WTS but I was considered an unbaptised publisher and I have family in the Borg also. I am still a Christian never will stop being that, I love my Master Jesus Christ with all my might and heart.

    So please kick off your shoes and stay here for awhile there are a lot of things to learn and we also want to hear your experiences and beliefs. So I welcome you with open arms...

  • PopeOfEruke

    Hi Cru,

    re. your mini-bio: What was a JW classmate doing in a Catholic school?? He must have been an apostate classmate!


  • outnfree

    Welcome Back, Cruithne?

    (But how do you PRONOUNCE your name )

    And you're a guy? I could have sworn you were a Canadian named Sharon... well, never mind.


  • onacruse

    tink, thanks for inviting your friend to come back and visit

    And Red Witch, glad to have you here too I did some work down where you live, back in the early 80s...do they still have Family Fitness Centers there?

    Craig (who could use a visit to the gym )

  • Mac
    Cruithne What's in a Name? (Video with sound)

    Your name of Cruithne causes you to place considerable importance upon the material aspect of life. You have an eye for quality, desiring always the very best that money can buy, and you are not content with anything that is second best. You are quick to size up others, and this appraisal is based upon their physical appearance, their clothes, and whether they have achieved material success and the standards of quality that you have set in your own mind. You have a keen business sense, knowing a lucrative proposition when it is presented, and it is likely others would come to you for business counsel. You are a capable leader and organizer who should never be in a subordinate position. You have the ability to organize and see the whole picture where any prospective business venture is concerned. It is a name, however, which almost destroys the finer, sensitive qualities that should be expressed. It makes spontaneous, natural expression difficult . Any physical weaknesses relative to this name would show in the generative organs.

    Yikes.......might be a good time for a check up!!!


  • Panda

    Dear Cru, Well I joined and then drifted away for awhile then got back on this summer.I have found several old aquaintences which is great. With the internet I think more and more dubs will be leaving and looking for a place like this... tons of independent thinking, don't cha love it?

    Welcome Welcome , Panda

    Born okay the first time.

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