OKAY, GAME OVER! The number one reason the New Testament amounts to bunk

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  • GrreatTeacher

    "People like Terry...will be thrown into the lake of fire"

    "love michelle"

    THIS ^^^^ is what gives Christians a bad name.

    Threaten you (or promise, if you prefer) and then tell you they love you! It's just mind-bending that they can't see how ugly and off-putting that is.

    If that's what your selling, then I CERTAINLY won't be buying!

  • myelaine


    ummm...yeah, that's not a quote of mine.

    Your reading comprehension sucks too.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Actually you did, saying "I WAS addressing Terry specifically" then saying he's hardened his heart towards God, then saying God will harden his heart against him and give him over to his own way, and then you go on to say that such men will harden their heart even more when they are thrown in the lake of fire.

    Your endless equivalencies start with Terry and end in the lake of fire, exactly as I quoted.

    My comprehension is fine. I see right through all the filler in the middle that you put in to distance Terry from the lake of fire, but it's all there. Not sure if you're deliberately trying to be dishonest or you've fooled yourself, but you've said a terrible thing, a rude thing, and a thing that falls under the category of "none of your business," for Terry's eternal disposition certainly is none of yours.

    Maybe you ought not meddle in others' affairs. That kind of rhetoric repels others, and unless you're trying to turn people off, maybe you should stop.

  • xjwsrock

    Agreed Terry.

    Jesus didn't write shi*.

    Thanks Jesus. Thanks for the clarity. Thanks for the precision. Dang you are so perfect and stuff. I am forever impressed. You read the scrolls to the crowd so apparently you were literate, so thanks for taking the time to write something for us. You stupid lazy bitch.

    Thank you God for preserving your divine name so we know exactly what to call you when we beseech you with tears running down our face. Oh yeah.... you didn't preserve [email protected] I forgot. My bad. I guess I'll just suck it up then.

  • megaboy

    The problem with the Messiah was that to most people back then, you really would have assumed him to be a normal person, and would have to be aware of the prophecies, which were ambigious to an extent.

    THE BIG problem is that the Yahudi expected him to come and conquer the Romans, he did not do that so they thought he was a phony.

    As a bit later there was a member of Yahudi who led a revolt agaisnt the Romans and this led them to think he was the prophecized Messiah, granted I don't think his name was "Joshua" which was the prophecized name of savior, but when he failed the revolt, I belive they recorded his name as Yeshu which was actually an insulting term, not equal to Joshua/Yoshua. Later during the middle ages onwards they recorded the Messiahs name in the insulting Yeshu a different name from Joshua, which is probably where the corruption Jesus came from. This is when they went full on agaisnt Christainity in argumentive writtings and documents but as mentioned in this thread there were various forms of Christainity, there was iconic heavy moor version, and there was the version the Romans put together which had elements like the trinity and all of that stuff. I think this is the one Israelities really hated. I know of a tribe of descedants of Ishmeal who were lucky enough to remain unbothered on their land for a bit over 1000 years to this day. They said from their perspective, Christain Moors, Muslims and Isrealites who followed the Mosiac Law pretty much got a long fairly well finding common ground in Abraham, but Persian, Roman and Turkish conquers would use and inflate the religious differences as a pretext to war and conquest. Its pretty interesting getting the view from the tribe, having stories of David going to their ancestors for help and advice since they lived near the border of now abandoned Isrealite territory.

    Regardless the overthrow of Rome was suppose to be for the end time of all ages, if that would imply this age and the decendants of Romans rule a majority of territory now, even if a small percentage of them knew or belived it to be true would they teach in any of their religious structures that it was only a count down before they lost everything? People would revolt and lose it. Especially after their ancestors were conditioned with the Bible to tolerate and support colonial expansion.

    I remember the followers asking when do the decendants of Jacob get to rule, so that was always the expectation. The confusion came from Paul's gentile teachings, where he taught them salvation has come to them, the issue here was that probably should more accurately been translated as welfare, not salvation. Through the fall of Israel the gentiles were able to plunder and get gold from the temple and boost up their finances and status for a longer period of time. I'm still studying this to see if this the case in other documents.

  • Lieu

    Imo, it's better to have witnesses write accounts of your actions than yourself. I think Jesus writing his own account of performing acts considered unearthly, quite vain. It would be akin to me writing an autobiography on how everybody's poop but mine stinks.

    Anyone can say great things about themself. However, it's far more convincing if strangers, friends, enemies, etc say/write great things about you.

    The difference between Middle Eastern thought and Western thought is that words come second to actions. People don't learn by words, they learn by example. People don't make choices based on words, they do so based on variations of examples in their lives.

    Anyhow, as for illiteracy, I don't think such existed in Hebrew males. They all had to be able to do basic Torah reading. They could walk into a synagogue, read a verse, give a thought on it, and leave. Or get called upon to read a verse. Mass illiteracy is a Western trait (outside of ancient Rome and Greece). It was purposeful in those societies for control.

    (Even the Ethiopian Philip wondered upon could read.)

  • cofty
    someone is quoting moses(speaking WITH the authority of God)...the phrase used is, "and the LORD spoke to moses..." not..."and the LORD spoke to 'me'"... - Myelaine

    So what?

    The entire pentateuch is in this same format...

    "The lord said to Moses... (go get slaves, kidnap and rape virgins, murder babies etc)"

    So did he say it to Moses or not?

    If he did god/Jesus is a moral monster. If he didn't then the OT is all a big fraud.

    Which is it?

  • cofty
    Anyhow, as for illiteracy, I don't think such existed in Hebrew males - Lieu

    Literacy was rare in 1st Century Palestine. Perhaps one person per village could read.

  • myelaine


    I said, God will, at some point, decide to harded the heart of THOSE who continually harden their hearts. THOSE will continue to blaspheme God in the lake of fire.

    I did NOT say that Terry's heart has been hardened by God and he is going to hell.

  • myelaine

    I've answered all of your objections even providing circumstantial evidence to back up my reasoning (whereas you've provided NONE for your claims).

    Seriously...you may go away now.

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