OKAY, GAME OVER! The number one reason the New Testament amounts to bunk

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  • cofty

    myeleine - The OT advocates slavery of the worse sort. There is not a single word in the NT that directly opposes slavery.

    My ethics are infinitely superior to those of your god.

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  • Crazyguy
    It could also be said if Jesus was real why didn't he tell people how to stop getting Depthera (not sure how it's spelled) . Anyway by telling his followers not to do their business near water and to boil water before drinking it he could have prevented millions of his followers from dieing and showed he truly was the son of a God.
  • myelaine
    cofty says...

    "There is not a single word in the NT that directly opposes slavery."...

    BUT, even if there were, the authenticity will be called into question by you.

    So, you're making your argument based on the silence of the written texts when evidence concludes that the gospel and teaching of Jesus was first of all oral?

    The fact is, early followers of Jesus were known as good people who bucked at the prevailing attitudes and values of the establishment, both roman and jewish. "primus inter pares" being the norm.

    OT typeology: "Leviticus 25:13 “In the year of this jubilee ye shall return every man unto his possession.” (17) “Ye shall not therefore oppress one another; but thou shalt fear thy God: for I am the LORD your God.”
    The object of the year of Jubilee was liberty and to break all oppression. The Jubilee was a type or forerunner of what it would be under the reign of King Messiah. The Jubilee was to set the stage for the coming of King Messiah as His reign would be one continual Jubilee. All oppression would end under His rule. Justice and truth would reign."

  • cofty

    The god of the OT - the one who advocated slavery and infanticide and forced marriage/rape was the "god and father of Jesus".

    Jesus claimed that "he that has seen me has seen the father".

    Therefore Jesus is a moral reprobate.

  • myelaine

    cofty says...

    "Jesus claimed that "he that has seen me has seen the father".

    Therefore Jesus is a moral reprobate."

    Oh, DID Jesus advocate for those things as a representitive of His Father? I must have missed your evidence

  • cofty

    myelaine - According to Jesus he was with the father from eternity. According to christians they are the same god and Jesus is identified with Yahweh of the OT.

    He said "I and the father are one". Yahweh is the god and father of Jesus.

    If Jesus disagreed with or opposed anything said or done by his father then all of christian theology lies in ruins.

    Yahweh was a moral monster who advocated slavery, infanticide and rape.

    Therefore Jesus is a moral reprobate.

  • GodZoo
    Cofty I think you were very clear the first time and myelaine knows exactly what you meant but is just plainly dodging the issue and being disingenuous as most religious people do when nailed or cornered.
  • myelaine


    I heard you the first time. Jesus was the exact image of His Father. What we saw and heard from Jesus was representitive of the Father.

    Jesus didn't advocate for the things that you mentioned. ("slavery and infanticide and forced marriage/rape") You simply have no evidence to support your claim.

    moses represented the IMPERFECT people..God called them "your" people. (as mediator) moses was also an IMPERFECT representative of God to his people.

    The OT laws were ceremonial, sacrificial and civil...the civil law was, I believe, tasked to moses. the reason I believe that is because moses took the initiative to change the divorce laws, something he wouldn't have done if these civil laws were from the mouth of God.

    Jesus was the PERFECT representitive of His Father to the people and a PERFECT representitive of man to God. Do you see the difference there?

  • Terry

    The Book of Revelation was made scripture three centuries after the death of Christ.
    "Traditionally attributed to St. John, most Biblical scholars now recognize its literary style and its theology has little in common with John's gospel or his epistles and was likely written after his death. Martin Luther found the vindictive God of Revelations incompatible with the gospels and relegated it to the appendix of his German translation of the New Testament instead of the body of scripture. All the Protestant reformers except Calvin regarded apocalyptic millennialism to be heresy."

    The above is merely a sticky note to remind you how truly Ad Hoc our beloved New Testament really is. Consequently, pouring your entire life and every waking thought into an unexamined belief in your own particular interpretation of the Bible is practically suicidal. At the very least, it is a wasting of your time. Time= Life.

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