OKAY, GAME OVER! The number one reason the New Testament amounts to bunk

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  • cofty

    Myelaine - You have provided no answer whatsoever to a very simple question. All you have done is obfuscate and insult - the normal response of theists when presented with inconvenient facts.

    Throughout the OT god speaks in the first person. Moses is his spokesman conveying the words of god verbatim.

    Among god's instructions are directions on how to take slaves as inheritable possessions and how to kidnap virgins as sex-slaves. God also commands his armies to commit genocide and specifically to murder thousands of babies in cold blood.

    According to christians like yourself Jesus is identified with the god of the OT.

    Therefore Jesus is a moral monster.

    "Gentle Jesus meek and mild" - the baby murderer.

    No amount of deceitful waffle will change this incontrovertible fact.

    you may go away now

    I'm just getting started.

  • Finkelstein

    Richard Carrier has some interesting information about the development of the NT..


  • myelaine

    dear megaboy...

    you said, "The problem with the Messiah was that to most people back then, you really would have assumed him to be a normal person, and would have to be aware of the prophecies..."

    those who recognized Jesus were part of the remnant of God's people who hadn't bent their knee to other baal(s). There never was an OT expectation that everyone who did hear or see Him would recognize Him even if they DID know the prophesy. Yet, someone like Nathanael (john 1:45-49) did.

    love michelle

  • myelaine


    "I'm just getting started"


  • cofty

    Is that all you've got Myelaine? That's pathetic.

    I just offered a knock-down argument to prove Jesus is a moral monster.

    He was the god who ordered Israel to take slaves, kidnap virgins and murder babies.

    If you think of a rational answer let me know.

  • slimboyfat

    In case you don't actually know the answer I'll state it briefly. The liberal Christian's typical answer would be that these things did not actually happen they are just stories.

    "How's that any better?" Comes the new atheist retort. "The God of the OT is both cruel and fictional and thus doubly condemned!"

    Well it's better for a number of reasons. First God didn't actually do those things listed. Secondly while the Bible contains truth it is not infallible and some of its depictions of God reflect the failings of men rather than divine qualities. Thirdly scripture itself suggests that God's qualities are progessovely revealed, so that the NT depiction of God is more accurate and edifying than earlier OT attempts.

    JWs and new atheists both detest that way of reading scripture of course because it doesn't fit their simplistic arguments. Neither does it suit their respective agendas, which prefer simplistic black or white readings.

  • cofty
    The liberal Christian's typical answer would be... - SBF

    I'm not trying to refute liberal christians in this topic.

    I am very familiar with all shades of theological thought and would ask different questions of each.

    JWs and new atheists both detest that way of reading scripture

    Actually I respect that way of reading scripture. John Shelby Spong is a theologian I can read with pleasure.

    Once again you are the guru of battling the strawman.

  • slimboyfat
    It is best to tackle the strongest arguments that can be mustered against your position not pick at the weakest. Where was this topic confined to discussing the weakest defences of scripture?
  • cofty

    SBF - Once again you make a false accusation and then carry on as if you never said it. I have lost all interest in debating you.

    If any liberal christians want to join the conversation that would be interesting.

    My conversation is currently with Myelaine who worships the written word and teaches that anybody who rejects her vile dogma will burn in hell.

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