why jw's commit suicide?

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  • Ruby456

    shirleyW - are you?

  • ShirleyW

    so in other words you're not, does it hurt to say that? I'm not the one that keeps answering other folks posts with disagreements you are. Why would you even ask me if that question Ruby, makes no sense, right? RIght.

  • NJ501

    I've been recently prescribed antidepressants and contemplated suicide. Its has a lot to do with the JW religion. There's no escape without being disowned by your family, shunned by friends even if your not disfellowshipped, abnormal fear of the world and for years I have been deprived of my basic human needs an isolated.

    Everything is made to seem pointless and life is un-enjoyable when its only work and endless knocking on doors, repetitive meetings and forced to associate with judgemental congregation clicks.

  • LisaRose

    I am sorry you feel that way NJ501. I was once in that situation, stuck in the religion, I saw no way out. There is life after leaving the JWs. You can make new friends, I have. I highly recommend meditation for depression, check out the guided meditations by The Honest Guys on YouTube.

    Whether or not the JWs have a higher rate of suicide, it's a fact that many Jehovah's Witnesses do not find it to be a healthy or happy experience and suffer from depression, and many have taken their lives. It was my experience that as a whole the religion is not kind to those going through mental health issues. My own child attempted suicide twice, I had to think about whether or not I could or should disclose this to the elders. In what other religion could you be shunned for attempting suicide?

    I have investigated other religions and found them to be much more welcoming and supportive

  • Ruby456


    Ruby - don't really feel like going back and reading all 9 pages of posts here, but if I'm correct your first post here was after my comment, so let me ask, are you a Psychiatrist or any other position related to it?

    shirley my first post on this thread was way before your comment and here it is from page 2. btw my info is from the samaritans who warn about copycat suicides while the link below is from the world health org.

    the suicide rate isn't higher among JWs than general populations. in fact it is lower. In general suicide rates are lower among people in religions because religions tend to deal with issues of life and death in very direct ways. I'm not arguing for religion but that secular cultures need to address the issue of suicide more directly. this is what WHO says about it. This site also provides an interactive map regarding suicide rates worldwide. Even anecdotal evidence would put Jehovah's witnesses among no more than the more religious areas where suicide rates are generally lower.
    https://www.23degree.org/blog/world-health-day-lets-talk/? LinkDespite recent efforts to openly talk about mental health in society, it still often remains a taboo. This fear of stigma, paired with the lack of support many people experience, may prevent them from accessing the proper treatment they may need to live healthy, full, and productive lives.
  • ShirleyW

    Well let me ask you this Ruby, are you a Ph D are some other position in that field? I see you like to give lengthy answers, which there is nothing wrong with doing that of course.

  • Ruby456

    Shirley I would love to do a PhD if I had the money, the time etc etc

  • jp1692

    Ruby: the suicide rate isn't higher among JWs than general populations. in fact it is lower.

    Ruby, please refrain from posting unfounded assertions.

    I have repeatedly asked you to provide research-based evidence to support this assertion and you have failed to do so.

    It is really unhelpful for you to repeat claims for which you cannot provide proof. It just muddies the waters needlessly.

    If you have evidence, share it. If you do not, stop. Seriously: stop!

  • Ruby456

    jp1692 you'll need to prove that my thesis is unfounded (scientific method of falsification).I can see that it would muddy the waters of mis info and moral panics but such things need to be questioned.

  • ShirleyW

    Hey Simon, kinda seems like BOTR is back posting under a different name, what do you think?

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