why jw's commit suicide?

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  • lemonjuice
    Another thing to watch out for re Spencer's research is the date 1975. At this time JWs were preaching the end so it is possible that as James Beckford (Durham University at the time) discusses that psychotics may have been identifying themselves as Jehovah's witnesses when they had no affiliation with the group.
    • James Beckford shares a similar view to mine that Jehovah's witnesses would not have allowed schizophrenics to remain in the organisation.

      Being mentally ill is not a disfellowshiping offense and I knew of at least 2 baptised Jehovah's Witnesses who suffered from some serious mental disabilities. One so seriously that he was classified by Doctors as totally unfit for any kind of job and he gets money from the Government to keep him alive. Well the other one ... I can't even say ! But as long as these do not commit serious sins they are still Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Ruby456

    I agree lemonjuice.

    I hope I don't come across as denying people's perceptions on this thread? a person's perception of suicide among Jehovah's witnesses would be influenced by how many suicides have taken place in their area. The suicide rate is higher in the Northeast of England and in Wales. So if you live in those areas then it will seem that suicide rates are high among JWs. It is the lowest in London where I live and so my own perception is skewed by this.

    That said generally the suicide rate among religions is lower because there are strong taboos attached to taking one's own life and this is reflected among Jws too. But in the regions above the rate may be higher than rates in other areas of the UK among jws and this may give the impression that it is higher among jws generally across the UK and across the world.

  • Vidiot
    "James Beckford shares a similar view to mine that Jehovah's witnesses would not have allowed schizophrenics to remain in the organisation."

    Strange, really.

    You'd think it'd be a good fit.


  • Earnest

    Ruby456, it was John Spencer's study that Furuli was referring to. Furuli attempted to improve Spencer's methodology but still had to use his data, so for jp1692 to describe it as "Furuli's own data" is a bit disingenuous and likely to mislead the casual reader.

    Likewise, jp1692 criticises Furuli's methodology :

    Furuli asked congregation "Elders" to diagnose mental illnesses and then to report back to him. THAT is the basis for his conclusion that JWs have a lower incidence of mental health issues than the general population...Obviously, elders are not trained or qualified in any way to make such assessments. This is ridiculous!

    Yet Furuli didn't ask the elders to diagnose but said:

    The criterion for mental illness and depression was that the person had been admitted to a mental hospital or had been treated by a psychiatrist.

    Perhaps there could be improvements to Furuli's methodology, but his study on the mental health of Jehovah's Witnesses is the most complete we have to date.

  • SummerAngel

    Whilst mental illness of itself would not warrant a disc offence you have to look at the impact of a persons symptomology on their JW life. Think about the pressure to attend every meeting, to face public in field circus when you are barely able to leave the house. You can't just tumble out of bed to a meet you are expected to be suited booted bright eyed and bushy tailed fully participating in every study. Absolutely no allowances are made short of death. If you don't measurement up you could face a potential disciplinary. Also MH is a wild and woolly world especially psychosis. Eternal themes abound, lots of believing to hear from/ be God which will start the good old demonic meddling rumour mill.

    So what I'm saying I guess is that the rules of the Jdub club indirectly preclude those with Mental illness so chances are you wouldn't join if you did you wouldn't last long. In a similar vein suicide rate chances are higher rates are among those who have left or want too. The pressure coupled with lack of protective factors would increase the incidence for those in it and happy probably not an issue

  • Vidiot

    "The criterion for mental illness and depression was that the person had been admitted to a mental hospital or had been treated by a psychiatrist."


    Goes a long way towards explaining why the Org tends to "discourage" psychiatric treatment (besides the risk of doctor and patient coming to the conclusion that the Org itself is the problem).

    The less JWs go to therapy/counselling, the easier it is for the Org to say that JWs are perfectly fine.

  • smiddy

    I just wish we could ask them this question now and also ask them if they regret the decision they made .

    I knew one JW who did the deed and also a non JW workmate who also did the deed.

    The workmate was the one that had such an effect on me as he seemed so happy and jovial

    I was also so upset when I heard a poster on here who comitted suicide ,I didnt know him personally and had never met him ,but I cried.

    Its such a sad tragic thing to happen and I just dont understand / fathom it.

    "Time" is what makes the most unbearable thing bearable in the long run , if one just gives it enough "time"

  • silent

    I'm fully convinced that the organization has bred depression and mental illness for many years. I grew up in it through the 70s, 80s, 90s, was never baptized and quit going, jump started with 9/11, and have since given it up. After 9/11 I had to be on all kinds of anti-depressants and finally towards the end I would take a lorazepam just to handle the Sunday meeting. I finally told myself this was no way to live and after I quit attending, I was able to get off my pills completely. I was brought close to suicide several times due to this organization. When you keep asking people, "What more can you do?" then what do you think is going to be the result? Imagine someone who pioneers and puts in tons of hours and does it for weeks and months on end, only to be told, "Can you do more?" Your brain will instantly put 2 and 2 together than what you're doing isn't good enough. I told a co-worker one time, "Nothing you do is ever good enough." He took issue with that statement and told me how he disagreed, etc. I looked at him and said, "You just proved my point."

    It just makes me sick to my stomach to sit through a meeting and my anxiety is just through the roof. Something inside me makes me want to jump and run out the door hollering and screaming. I told my wife I just can't do it anymore. Her mother keeps hounding on us both to get back to meetings and my wife said, "Do you want my husband to kill himself?"

    I told the local PO one time when he pigeoned holed me at a friends wedding, "If you can pay for my pills, I'll be able to come back."

    There are just too many dots that don't connect and my mind is really screwed up from paying attention and eating everything they said while I was a little kid. I told that same PO, "Don't let this religion raise your grandkids." He even told me he won't let their grandkids see certain publications due to the imagery.

    It messed me up and darn near killed me. I suffer and struggle every day with the thoughts that religion put into my head, but I really tried hard to be good and holy. I've finally come to terms that nothing I ever do is ever good enough and never will be so I just find things to do that brings me happiness on a daily basis. Little projects around the house, trips with my wife, a few little hobbies I enjoy, visiting with the public at my job, and giving my wife lotsa hugs and kisses and showing her how much I appreciate her. In that there is much healing and maybe one day, I'll be "just good enough."


  • Finkelstein

    Answer = because its a highly controlling fear mongering apocalyptic cult .

    Its causes people anxiety, depression and angst.

    It lures in people with its fear mongering then exploits people for money and labor in a pretentious disguise of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    That's why there has been so many JWs who have committed suicide.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I agree with you, @silent. The way they ask that all the time is like Chinese water torture!

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