Not one visit, 8 years in a nursing home, and not one visit!

by Raymudas Martini 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • joe134cd

    The thing that frustrates me here, is that watchtower is so preoccupied with making new converts that it fails to care for it exisiting members and some of these have been members for many decades. In the country in which I live we had a decrease in publishers. So in other words they only failed to make any new converts, but couldn't even retain their children ( the world is growing at around 1-2% a year).

    They could so easily change things with new light and a few scriptures both for their youth and the aged. Like I said in my previous post. Even if they had a pot luck lunch after the meeting or some kind of organized visiting group, would make a big difference, but nah they are going to stick to the same formular of losing people.

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