Not one visit, 8 years in a nursing home, and not one visit!

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  • Giordano

    Welcome to the Forum Raymudas Martini!

    You have generated interest in the real life experiences of aging believers.

    The WTBT$ offers little to nothing to it's young children and it's oldest members. Funny how that works out.

  • LongHairGal


    So sorry about your dad...JWs have no interest in the elderly unless they can get money out of them.

    When I was in I heard stories of elderly JWs who were moved by their non-JW family to an undisclosed location. An older and wiser "sister" told me the families were afraid their elderly parent would be coerced into leaving their assets to the religion instead of their family (who really deserves it, in my opinion- not some religion).

    I also heard of elderly who got visits in hospital rooms from "friendly" elders pretending to be interested in their health while showing the elderly person pictures of the religion's building projects exclaiming how "wonderful", etc. [how freakin' obvious is this?]

    While I'm sorry about your dad, and his being ignored, I'm in agreement with the poster whose dad didn't want the Witnesses to know where he was!!!

  • dogon

    when my dad took ill terminally, not one elder or any family who was associated with the cult so much as stopped by to say anything. Not one of these so called religion of love sent a card even after he passed away. It goes to prove that they are lairs and hypocrites.

  • Finkelstein

    Jws are indoctrinated to be apathetic toward non-Jws remember they think that non-members are going to die pretty soon and generally people who stop attending are perceived more evil than people who have never attended for most part..

    Stop attending meetings and your cast off as a non and you could have been a JWS for 40 years or more.

  • iwasblind

    Where will you go? What about the love?

    They really believe their own rubbish. This is the true evidence of their fake love!

  • Virgochik

    My elderly mom recently told me my darling cousin, who was a missionary in Central America, got married to a Bethel brother. They're at Patterson now, where dear cousin's husband helps with making the videos. So sad, they never even invited her to their wedding but she's still gushing over them. A letter, a text or a phone call would mean a lot to her. She can't drive any more and days can be long.

    I told her point blank these kids are delusional, living in their little bubble, if they think they're the bomb for video production but lack love for their own family.

  • Visitor1984

    The members of the congregation I was formerly a part of will visit brothers and sisters in assisted living or nursing homes while out in service to count time. It was always cheating to me while I was in but now that I'm glad that they do. More congregations should do the same.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hey, let's be fair, I'm sure the Cong secretary has been keeping in touch by phone to ask for his report!!

  • joe134cd

    I'm going to relate my experience. 37 years from birth attending all meeting and reporting FS each month. I spent a further 18 months attending while fully knowing TTATT before I physically walked out the door. BTW I have never been DA and no one knows my reasons why I left. I only had 3 people come and knock on my door from the Cong to see how I was. In a way I am sort of baffled to know what to make of it. Weather to be thankful as it saved me having to deal with them or insulted at how quickly they for got about me, and I knew hundreds of local JWs.

    I remember when two of them visited me ( just to set the scene they were out in FS). I was happy to see them gave them a drink, something to eat, and had a chat. Then all of a sudden they had to go because of a person who may want a bible study down the road. Oh forgot to mention I was left with magerzines and told how much everyone missed me. After they left I couldn't help but think just how mixed up their priorities where. I heard an interesting quote the other day and I think Wt could learn from it. It takes 10 times more money and effort and find a new customer than what it takes to keep an exisiting one happy and returning.

    it just amazes me how they will spend billions of hours and dollars in a high stress situation knocking on doors, and yet at the same time pay so little attention to exisiting membership. They can't even hold onto 2/3 of their youth.

    Since I left the JWs nearly 4 years ago I have visited other churches, and one difference that stands out to me is how they not only teach about God but how they also try to create a community atmosphere. For instance they will have a pot luck lunch afterward, and have arranged social activities. They will have organised meet ups. Although I do believe church is primarily learning about God, I believe Wt has got a lot to learn.

  • joe134cd

    Oh here's another one that sort of confirms everyone's experiences. I have a relative who is very highly qualified and skilled serving in a foreign bethel. I believe he is involved in some major projects in Europe. Yet his mother is suffering from dementia and may soon be in a rest home. I asked my father the other day why the society couldn't allow him to return to his homeland to care for his mother. I gave that scripture about if one can't care for members of his own house he is worse than a person with out faith. I got a deer in the headlights look and was told his "work was very important in the bethel".

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