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  • Divergent

    Hello & welcome. Make yourselves comfortable in your new home. You came to the right place =)

  • marlborobarbie
    I'm sorry but I need to ask: do you really have 2 red-headed steps?

    Yup. Actually, my step daughter turned 6 today!

    So how's the bf diabetes thing? Hope all is well with you!

    He's better. We actually have had a rough time lately. We faced a split, and treated each other badly. Tit for tat type of thing, but still not right. PM me if you want details.

    LOL at "cult updates and friendly conversation". I smell a tag line in the making.

    FYI, I'm hilarious.

    Politeness is overrated.

    Ya damn right. But, I'm new here. I'll ease y'all into my southern-talk and cuss word usin' ways. :p

    I have a JehovahMom too! How many of those did they make?

    Oh geez. Apparently a few too many. ha.

    Welcome...I remember you from JWR....pic of you with a guitar?

    Yerp. That's me!

  • Rough Diamond
    Rough Diamond
    Well hello my fellow X jwr's. It's lovely to find another support forum. I'm just going to have a look around now xxx
  • OnTheWayOut

    We always have room for more guitar playing potty-mouthed singers. The rest is good too. Welcome.

  • JWdaughter

    Welcome! I have been here since it was the board was just a youngun. I am 50 and just started a home bakery here in Texas. Want a loaf of the Italian sesame that just came out of the oven?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I had been on this forum for a few months when Simon announced it was closing. I was isolated, vulnerable and terrified. Moxie started JWR and it was a real haven for me. Not least because there was a members only section which felt secure because people weren't immediately granted entry. It was a safe place and I was very grateful for it.

  • Listener

    Welcome guys, hope you stick around.

  • TimeBandit

    Hey Marlborobarbie! Nice to see you here.


  • rusholme

    Welcome all of you, nice to see some familiar people!

  • millie210

    Hi everyone, nice to meet all of you!

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