You Are All Pieces of Garbage

by berrygerry 38 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Pistoff

    Wow, words fail.

    Garlic bread is not tainted; it is enhanced, or at the most, just changed, intentionally.

    The writers for the WT get dumber by the minute.

    The entire 'illustration' is apropos of nothing.

  • TipsyMangoTea

    I bet one of the GB or writers either really hates or is allergic to the ingredients used in this skit.

    We should send them an expired supply of this stuff.

    "With much love from the Free People outside of your bubble.

    May you one day burst it. <3"

  • eyeuse2badub

    "We are all born ignorant, but you have to work hard to stay stupid" Ben Franklin

    I'd say that being institutionalized most of your life like these WT big shots causes one to stay stupid and say stupid!

    just saying!


  • EndofMysteries
    Based on OP video the GB have just declared their own personal fates. As in Duet about the false prophets who make a claim in God's name not proving to be true, they have revealed themselves to be exactly their definition of those who sin against the spirit.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    That has got to be one of the worst presented illustrations ever. I'm possitive a 2nd grader could do better for a Sunday school project.
  • Dagney

    It's awful. I hate the way they talk down to people. It's insulting.

    I love the way they speak for "god." "Jehovah doesn't this..." "Jehovah doesn't that..."

  • jookbeard
    forgetting the ridiculous example this idiot badly showed but its not particularity new is it? apostasy against the organization has always been seen as the very worst thing a human can do, I've been told I've "sinned against the holy spirit" by my own wife and family members, I wear it as a badge of honour though, so for me there is no going back, my relationship with jeehoovah has broken down and is irretrievable and do I give a fuck?
  • Magnum


    Why do you say it isn't an official video? (I see the standard "broadcast" trappings around him, like the background world-at-night scene.) Maybe I'm missing something (I haven't watched it).

    I think the OP was referring to a talk that Anthony Morris gave in which he referred to humans who get destroyed as bieng like charred hotdogs (or something like that). I think the OP was making a contrast. I think berrygerry was making the point that at least that talk wasn't an official Watchtower production, but that this video (showing a GB helper) is an official production.

  • slimboyfat
    I always suspected I was a piece of garbage but I don't like this brother's presumption in calling other people garbage. That's just wrong. He could call himself garbage if he likes but not other people. In fact the apostle Paul came close to doing that when he said he considered much of his life "a lot of refuse", or "garbage" it says in the footnote. (Phil 3:8)
  • jookbeard
    its unacceptable Slim, but since when have they ever shown anything other than this type of contempt and petty name calling to anyone that slightly disagrees with them, mentally diseased FFS.

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