You Are All Pieces of Garbage

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    That bread was still good! I guess he has pure "spiritual food" for us like the "overlapping generations" teaching. Pure genious!
  • Bobcat


    Why do you say it isn't an official video? (I see the standard "broadcast" trappings around him, like the background world-at-night scene.) Maybe I'm missing something (I haven't watched it).


  • ctrwtf

    I kind of feel sorry for Ken Flodin. This is what a life spent in an institution does. There is no feeling or emotion that exists except that which is approved by the group.

    If he could actually stand aside and look at himself I think even he would be ashamed.

    As an aside, why all the "Return to Jehovah" brochures if we've already been thrown away like garbage?

  • TheListener
    OMG they are unbelievable! He actually said that people get discarded like pieces of garbage. What a dumb video to release.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm still holding to the impression that this physical dramatic analogy was partially inspired to instill fear toward ones who oppose the WTS and its operations, based on the fact that he used the illustration of Judas the traitor and showed what happened to him for being disloyal to god first .

    The WTS's leaders are now in a concerning issue which they are facing within themselves in the realization that the much of the core doctrines of Jesus returning to build and start a new earthly kingdom first through a GT then Armageddon etc, has failed and did not appear as they preached all throughout the 20th century.

    That's why this religious organization took on the name the Watchtower gods chosen organization because they were to have special information for all mankind and so on.

  • Finkelstein

    The video is here virus free on YouTube, except it might put a disturbing mental virus in your mind

  • snugglebunny

    Was that Marmite or Vegemite that he was putting on the bread?

    Either way, it's really yummy if you add spread a layer of mashed avocado on top as well.

  • jhine
    Well Fink they don't scare me . ls anyone on here quaking ?l think not . Jan
  • ttdtt

    Beyond being offensive, it just did not work on so many levels. And the subliminal message was - it's worse to not listen to us than to rape, murder, commit adultery, steal, or other "serious sins".

    1. Not listening to elders or forming clicks = grieving the spirit.

    2. Watching some types of porn "I guess gay porn or bdsm" = grieving the spirit.

    How stupid and unsupported are those 2 statements.

    When the moron puts Balsamic on the bread - and says it saturates it - it is OBVIOUS IT DOES NOT! I pools on top. If he cut an inch off the top it would be fine. BAD ILLUSTRATION. It was just bad all the way - it did not work and looked really stupid and silly.

    Again the message was - if you F-around, wife swap, take drugs, steal, and you are sorry - it's ok with god, you can come back - we will help.

    If you don't listen to all we say, and to the Elders, or form clicks (there has never not been clicks in any KH - but this is CODE for not having groups of friends that don't agree with us or have "independent thinking")

    BY THE WAY - Since I was an elder for a long time - i know one of the things he said was COMPLETE BS. When he talked about if you sin seriously but are repentant - god forgives and its like it NEVER happened.
    The BS in that is that at any elders meeting with wrong doing and especial with Judicial meetings - if a person has a history (i.e. a young person how had sex, and now does it again) it is ALWAYS remembered - and the whole "This person has a PATTERN of sin - and this person is WICKED and not weak" is ALWAYS brought up. NOT FORGOTTEN!! And thats cuz how Elders are trained.

  • rebelfighter
    What about the sin of NOT reporting child abuse to authorities for decades?

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