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  • joe134cd
    I know a while back there was a thread on what woke a person up to TTATT. For almost all of the replies it wasn’t through someone screaming at the hall. For my self it was quite inadvertent about a question I was unable to find an answer for in any of the literature. I never encounted a case of someone one storming a KH. But I do remember a guy yelling outside at an assembly. If anything it confirmed to me I had the truth. That been said I do now regret not having listened to him.
  • intrigue169

    everyone is different. Me I learn a lot by hands on while the guy next to me does great learning with books, while the next guy needs someone to explain the subject at hand to them before they can grasp something new

  • Addison0998

    I’ve watched a lot of ball and cart crashes, and I do agree with some on here that to the JW, the person usually just looks crazy to them and it will make them feel so much more superior and assure them more they are “in the truth”. But I do think they can be affective. You just need to do it the right way. Make your message brief, and effective, because the elders will take you down as quick as possible. Do not be angry or lose control. Most wil not wake up, but there might be one person who gets the seeds planted. Or there might be a visiting person who will be affected by it. I really applaud the people who do it the right way, it takes A lot of courage. I wish someone would do it where I live, I gotta admit just because I would love the entertainment aspect of it lol, freshen up the boring meeting.

  • dubstepped

    Since we're always dealing in hypotheticals of "if it helps just one person then it's worth it", what if instead of helping anyone it takes one person that was on the edge of leaving and scares them back in? If you're going to ask the question, might as well consider it both ways.

    I do think everyone responds different to different things. But if you're going to insert yourselves into the lives of people you don't know forcefully, it's sobering to think that you could actually help the cult more than hurt it by choosing a way that fills your ego but might hurt another person in the audience.

  • StoneWall

    I've got mixed feelings about this because I used to think it had no positive impact of helping any that are in to leave.
    Then I watched the following newscast from Canada and most (not all) of the ones featured have did some form of Hall crash and got their name and cause known and in this sense it got word out to the general public about what was happening. So even if it don't help any that are currently in the Org maybe just maybe all this being in the news will prevent other people from even giving the J.W.'s the time of day and keeping any new ones from joining. Notice in the clip that some of it actually shows some Hall crashes that were recorded and broadcast for many outsiders to see.
    Odds are if they had remained silent the News agency would not even bothered to do a segment on Jehovah's Witnesses.
    So I do think there can be a time and place for different types of strategies to work and help and then in other extreme cases to cause more harm than good.
    For any that hasn't seen the CTV W5 Newscast from a couple months ago I'll link it below from their own youtube site.

  • Simon
    Then I watched the following newscast from Canada and most (not all) of the ones featured have did some form of Hall crash and got their name and cause known and in this sense it got word out to the general public about what was happening

    I think there's a difference if you are a true victim who has something serious to be angry about with the people at a specific local KH (vs just picking one at random, being disappointed that the "generations" changed)

  • Finkelstein

    What good excuse does someone have these days to not investigate the Watchtower Corporation, its inhuman and dangerous social actions and doctrinal screw ups (lies).

    The inter-net is doing a pretty good job of exposing the JWS religion from the inside and out.

    50 , 60 years ago people were blatantly blindsided out their own ignorance, especially when they started to read the WTS literature, without reading the bible first.

  • babygirl30

    So JW's always described apostates/ex-JW as 'mentally deranged" or whatever...and that they were the ones doing crazy things (picketing outside district assemblies, jumping up and shouting at meetings, etc). And most of us have seen that at least once in our lives, right?

    Even today...if I were st work and someone jumped up and started yelling, or came in the building and made a scene - I'd label them crazy! Understand that doing the same thing in a Khall will not put seeds of doubt in anyones mind...but will make them discuss your crazy actions (instead of your intended message).

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Dear Intrigue, I admire your enthusiasm, however I fear that your efforts might be not unlike the North wind in the "North Wind and the Sun" in Aesop's fable - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrFUYAJXWLU

    There is a lot of good people sitting in those halls that need a subtle approach, not terrorism.

  • pale.emperor

    I remember when i was a kid an elders wife got disfellowshipped for "apostacy". A few weeks later she walked into the KH shouting about how evil the org was and the us JWs were being mislead.

    You know what we all thought at the time? - "What a nut! See, the org is right, apostates ARE bitter and angry".

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