hall crash

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  • dubstepped

    You're on a forum full of people that can't wake up loved ones over many years where there was once trust and love. A stranger walking in and shouting things isn't making someone wake up, that's usually more about the person doing the crashing wanting to feel some type of way.

    Now, with that said I had a guest on my podcast that crashed his own KH to out his abuser, and he had a long history with all of these people, and that was good for him to take his power back. He also heard from people that were already PIMO in his old hall that he didn't know about. So there were some good results, but primarily for him, and he didn't exactly wake anyone, just flushed out a few that were already awake who contacted him in secret later.

    I don't think that it's all bad in all situations, but it may very well drive people in farther in most situations.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    No one likes to be told they are stupid or being misled in public. Keep it on the down-low and talk to friends who will listen. Anyone you do not know will think you are a whack job apostate.

  • intrigue169

    this idea was not about revenge at all. it is about all the people who kill themselves, the children raped, kidnapped and taken across the border. and my grandmother waisting her whole life to the point that her life was for nothin at all and me not knowing if she is in hell or not(this one bothers me the most). I was never baptized but I got friends and family who will never talk to each other ever again and when I look into their eyes some think that they themselves really are wicked people who deserve this(still brainwashed!) . I like to think about it as more like a vigilante than revenge . I told my mother exactly how I feel and, she said she would not shun me because I am not baptized. but if the elders told her to, she would. I went deep down the rabbit whole and took the red pill.

  • Wakanda

    There is a woman from Canada, I think, that answered at the meeting thinking she would be thrown out. She was not. Also, another woman thanked her for her answer after the meeting! Apologies for not having a link; I am PIMO and have a hard time keeping track of stuff because I do not save it.

    Check out Telltale Atheist's video on hall crashing. It's great.


  • intrigue169

    I always have told everyone in my family that is in the truth, that if they ever leave the truth, I'll never shun them. even before I woke up completely because this I never believed

  • Wakanda

    Here it is, maybe not in Canada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPRfTp9PeZ4

    Skip to minute 33 to hear her comment, it was at the end of the meeting. IDK, but there ya go.

  • intrigue169

    I liked JWfarrytale SA one man crash


    this dude is nuts

    I could not stop laughing after seeing

    everyone got the message!

    one dude wanted to fight him

  • Wakanda

    The message they got was apostates are mentally diseased. Some were blocking their faces. Do what you think you must, but you were warned by many here that it does not help.

  • ScottyRex
    just try that at my mums hall. I would be there in a flash to knock you out.
  • Finkelstein

    Don't do it, its illegal, unless you want to be charged and arrested for making a public disturbance.

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