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  • intrigue169

    I live in the des Moines Iowa area , I would be interested in doing a Kingdom Hall Crash after watching some on youtube, I would love to do that with a group of people. I haven't meet any other ex JW around here. I was never baptized, I always knew I could never live up to Jehovah's standard so I never did even consider baptizing. My mother can't even talk to her sister because she married a worldly boy. I never thought it was the whole truth just because of the ever changing doctrine. I never did fully wake up intel the ARC news broke out and after that I researched everything. I went deep down the rabbit whole. Now I want to rescue as many people as I can from this satanic cult.

    I still believe in the bible, but I will never belong to a religion. I will never let anyone tell me what a scripture means without reading it in contex

  • _Morpheus

    What would you hope to accomplish with such an action?

  • truth_b_known

    This is a counterproductive action. You will accomplish just the opposite of your goal. If you're going to spend time taking action against the Witnesses you're better off educating non-Witnesses about this organization.

  • Simon

    Some questions to ask yourself:

    What is it mean to achieve and who do you think it will appeal to?

    How will you ensure that you don't hurt someone?

    What happens if you cause some old dear to have a heart attack or look like an idiot making small children cry?

    Why do you think it's appropriate to use this forum to organize and recruit for such harassment?

  • blownaway

    There is always the law of unintended consequences. Not sure what they might be but could push people in or out father. Do what you you want. I don't think it will make the org look any better. Those who support the cult will sympathize with it no matter what you do.

  • jp1692

    Don’t. Just don’t!

  • intrigue169

    I just want to drop a few seeds of doubt to make some people think critically . If I hurt someone doing this, I'm only thinking about all the people who have been hurt from shunning. If I can stop one kid from getting baptized it will be worth it

  • Jehalapeno

    I don’t think it’s a good idea man.

  • intrigue169

    Maybe you guys are right, I do have good intensions though. Sorry if I offended anyone

  • Simon

    Lots of people dream about "revenge" but it's important to separate the organization from the individuals within it. We really want to help them and convince them to leave, they should see us as a supportive group who can help them to exit successfully rather than an aggressive enemy to them.

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