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  • intrigue169

    I could do that if my mother shunned ever but she will not do that to her only son who isn't baptized.

    what I could do is go to a hall that nobody knows me and act like I'm curious and ask one or two questions that they can't answer just to plant small seeds of doubt and maybe even say something like where is the donation plate that gets passed at every church to bring the guard down

  • Whynot

    I have learned, through this forum, that it's best to ask curious questions innocently. This plants seeds of doubt. Hall crashing just doesn't work. Take an opportunity to speak to some and ask one or 2 questions. Take it slow. I started doing thus with my husband and it's been working. He is slowly waking up.

  • intrigue169

    Like you are pulled from an accident and will probably be dead by morning. you lived a very sinful life and want to be saved before death, and have all your sins forgiven. what must you do?

  • intrigue169

    try to keep them in the role of teacher, maybe asking a few easy questions first

  • john.prestor

    I respect your desire to bring about change, but trust me on this: there is nothing you can say in the minute or two before the Elders swarm you and usher you out that will change anyone's mind. That's not how conversion and deconversion work.

    Intrigue169, your 'sins forgiven' remark presumes that you come from a fundamentalist Christian background in which a person prays the 'sinner's prayer to get to heaven. Your theology doesn't translate into their theology, be aware of that. They do not believe their eternal destiny comes down to a 30 second mantra.

  • steve2

    Despite arguments to the contrary, Kingdom Hall “crashes” are only to help the activists work out their own issues and have little, if anything to do with trying to reach JWs. Also, as others have said, what about unintended consequences (e.g., convincing JWs they indeed have the “truth” because some of those YouTube videos look awfully menacing and frightening and what about health impacts on JWs, including the elderly and the very young, who are lawfully meeting in their places of gatherings).

    Thr OP lost me completely when he asked about others joining him because he didn’t want to crash a Hall alone. Bullies prefer hunting in packs. Disgusting.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think with all this bad publicity the Watchtower if getting on the internet, selling off all their very valuable property, robbing all the congregations of all their surplus funds in bank accounts, bethel layoffs, drastic reductions in printed material offered to public and much more. I would think a few kingdom hall crashes might do far more good than harm. People are curious and I'm sure it will make for some gossip and passing a long what was said at such crashes.

  • Jehalapeno

    I’m an exjw and hate the organization, but that video you shared of JWFairyTale pissed me off. I don’t blame the guy that wanting to fight him.

    Violence isn’t the answer, but someone like that deserves a good ass kicking.

  • intrigue169

    John prestor

    The thief next to Jesus found paradise in 30 seconds according to the bible all translations.


    The health impacts I do know of 2 people who I meet as a kid who killed themselves when they left or got disfelloshipped(don't know why they left or got kicked out I too young to remember) one was always pretty nice to me and would say hi

  • john.prestor

    inrigue169, you're missing my point. I don't believe in God and I'm not a Christian with some alternative view on the subject of how one gains salvation. What I'm telling you is this: that kind of question will do you no good when talking to Jehovah's Witnesses because they believe their salvation comes from, essentially, their practices (preaching door-to-door, attending meetings) and their "association" (membership) in the organization. The "How do I absolve my sins with seconds left to live question" will not make sense to them, and in fact, I've seen someone try it on YouTube at a literature cart; the Witnesses don't appear even mildly fazed.

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