So , how "worldly" did you get?

by greenhornet 33 Replies latest jw experiences

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "Why anyone would let mental midgets control all aspects of their life is beyond me".

    It s hard for non-JW's to understand that, you are told how to act in the marriage bed.

    Oh Boy I wish, oh how I wish some JW tell me my life style is not approved by the GB.

    You know what I would tell them? I will not say in mixed company.

  • mommyfirstandalways
    I am still considered a jw but I hardly go to meetings in the past few months and I am not raising my kids as jws anymore. I let my kids celebrate holidays at school since november, I celebrated xmas and v day and birthdays and I am sexually active. No drugs. I curse. That's not so bad right? I feel great with my life. I am truly happy.
  • MrsR-Awaken
    Even do My husband and I are still physically in but mentally out we pretty much do everything we want. Drink, curse, and play video games from Destiny, mortal Kombat, Gta5, the witcher, assassin's creed...yes we both are hard core adult gamers. And we'll I'm always checking the forum and also exjw reddit, and watch cedars and JWstruggle...anyway later in the future I'm wishing to be completely out and finally live like normal people without having to hide all this.... yes it sucKS when all your family is in this cult. I really hate it!!!
  • talesin

    I am a g-dless witch. haha, figure that one out! : P

    I love Xmas, and full-on Hallowe'en celebrations. I tell the TRUTH (how un-JW is that?), which is not always convenient. I revel in rock and roll, am sexually free (not irresponsible), and believe we should follow our bliss.

    Oh my! I'm selfish, indulge in pagan festivities, and also, brazen. I guess I've become a true worldling.


    Praise be, to the IPU!

  • greenhornet

    Oh I forgot. I had turkey on Thanksgiving day (not Friday) Went to many Xmas parties. I installed xmas lights on the tree and house. Hand out Candy on Halloween. Pledge allegiance to our flag. Wrapped and gave Xmas gifts.

    So I guess i will be destroyed by the desert god.

  • rebel8

    1 I own not one but TWO demonic windchimes

    2 I do not obey my husband

    3 I went to college

    4 I wear skirts that show my kneecaps

    5 I decide for myself what I am going to believe

    6 I take jehoho's name in vain, and often

    7 I stay in hotels not approved by The Society

    8 I vote

    10 I say The Pledge

    11 I hold leadership positions over men

    12 I do yoga

    13 I accept blood products

    14 I served on jury duty

    15 I got married in a church

    16 I support gay marriage

    17 I toast

    18 I've gambled

    19 I listen to holiday music

    20 I have piercings

    21 I have read books from other religions, including witchcrafts

    22 And finally, I talk to all you disfellowshipped people
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Number 7 made me laugh Rebel8!

    I hated them telling us where to stay! My friend stayed maybe an hour and 20 minutes away from the convention... It took me about an hour and a half... She had traveled 6 hours to get down there, and could not stay "in the city.".... WT probably couldn't make as much money, so they told everyone they 'had to commute'.

  • Antnymichael

    Oh my god I love this thread, I had to make an account to leave my story.

    I'm the epitome of worldly and I love it. I've never been happier in my life. My parents found out I was gay when I was 15 (my mom is the only jw). They flipped and kicked me out several times before finally coming to terms with it. My mom is actually very supportive now much to my surprise.

    Anyway since then, I met a guy at 16 and we've been together since then (I'm 22 now). We're planning to get married a few years down the road. I celebrate every holiday and my birthday (He threw me a "first birthday" party when I was 19, i cried a lot). Christmas & Halloween are literally the best thing ever. I drink and occasionally smoke pot for fun. I see whatever movie I want. I've visited other churches but I've remained a non-denominational Christian. I vote. I'm sexually free. I could go on and on.

    It's really hard to see my mom still be a slave to the religion, but she doesn't force her ways on me so I don't try her either. If she brings up scriptures it's tasteful and helpful (kudos to her honestly). But it's her life, I'm living mine happily and hopefully she will one day too because I know she isn't happy there.

    I never knew what I was missing until I left. I was in it since birth. I don't feel bad about anything anymore though. I know there's no impending end of the world. I know the teachings are like 99% fear tactics. I'm so happy. If you're a JW trying to leave and browsing this forum, do yourself a favor and leave. You will be so much happier.

  • Twitch

    It's not even a term thought of anymore

    Does that count? ;)

  • kaik

    I hate that term worldly. It is when I became a normal citizen without WT indoctrination.

    1. Voted every elections
    2. Support military
    3. Support gay marriage
    4. Raised a flagpole for my American flag
    5. Got university education
    6. Married a person outside "truth"
    7. Read various religious books not affiliated with JW
    8. Saving money for retirement, because I know Armageddon is nowhere on sight

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