So , how "worldly" did you get?

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  • clearpoison

    Very good and stimulating question indeed.

    - I do not possess any JW litterature anymore

    - I do not study any JW material

    - I do not attend the meetings, conventions or memorials

    - I am not preaching the good News

    - I do not support my spouse in JW activities (but I don't resist them either)

    - I have less qualms

    Other than that I think I proceed as earlier


  • MrsR-Awaken
    Also we went to watch Deadpool..... a very bad movie for jws... but I don't regret it it was hysterical!!! Who has watched it?
  • talesin
    "Sister rebel8. One of the other sisters has come to us, and is stumbled by the fact that you are showing your knees. She said that on several occasions, she has caught her husband staring at them. This showing of your knees is brazen behaviour, and cannot be tolerated in J****'s Xtian Congregation. Will you stop this brazen activity, that is causing others to stumble? If not, we must consider your unrepentant attitude. The consequences may be dire."

  • MarkofCane

    Rebel has a nice list.

    I support the military

    I believe in education very important.

    I decide what I believe and live my life to my standards ( you don't have to be religious, to be a good person)

    I support my wife's Yoga Classes, actually I might go next time with her.

    I will give blood and accept blood, no problem. ( got rid of the blood card along time ago)

    I have served on a jury duty.

    I toast (always did)

    I gamble ( had a blast in Vegas last time we went)

    I speak to DF people just not at the KH

    I curse, not as much as I would like to (working on this)

    Watch and listen to what ever kind of movie or music, I dig.

    I don't view it as worldly, just normal. I'm definitely a different person I was 3 years ago.

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