So , how "worldly" did you get?

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  • LongHairGal

    I didn't.

    The only difference between myself now and when I was a JW is that I don't go to the hall -- oh, and the fact I'm retired.

    Sorry, folks. No lapsing into debauchery!

  • Acts5v29

    Hi LongHairGal,

    me too - unless you count reading the scriptures for myself "worldly"

  • lurkernomore

    I dabble in the lottery from time to time. I tried my first proper cigar at a friends (also exjw) 30th birthday. I use profanity when the occasion calls for it and sometimes when it doesn't ;)

    I voted for the first time last year but clearly for the wrong party lol. I have to agree with JW'S to a point when it comes to politics, as especially in the UK it seems that all politicians are nothing but a bunch of self serving p#@cks! They make plenty of shiny promises and then fail to deliver, or deliver an amended version of the original promise.

    I have yet to give blood but it's definitely on my to do list.

    Apart from this I'm still the same person. Happy to help people in need and try to be as honest as possible.

  • 10thplague

    Oo! When I started to wake up, boy did I wake up!

    1. I went to a church to see a performance of Beowulf for a school project. That was the moment I knew I didn't belong in this religion. (Nothing so beautiful could be wrong!)

    2. I went to college.

    3. I enjoy using a well-placed "F*%k" in conversation. Feels good rolling off the tongue.

    4. A "worldly" guy told me I'm a bad influence after he began using well-placed "F*%ks" in conversation.

    5. I watched someone start to die. I gave him blood. He made it!

    6. Yoga is my favorite hobby.

    7. I've celebrated almost all of the holidays.

    8. I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

    9. I kissed a boy and I liked it...

    10. Vampire books are sort of cool.

    11. I read content on this site.

    12. I don't feel guilty.

  • Lostwun

    I curse occasionally

    I Hate all religion and want nothing to do with any of it whereas before when i was a jw I would sympathize with those belonging to different religions.

    I havent read the bible since last july.

    I only pray at meal time.

    Im umsure of any hope after death.

    Im contemplating peircing my nose and getting my first tattoo next month

  • freemindfade

    You name it, I've done it/doing it. I've even eaten blood pretty early on lol.

    haven't voted yet actually

  • FayeDunaway
    I go to church every Sunday and then some, and hold a title at church and am in charge of one of the ministries. I read the bible every day and it's not the NWT.
    I organize fundraisers for various nonprofit organizations.
    I often volunteer, giving real help for real life situations.
    I vote every chance I get. I sing the national anthem. I have a shirt with a flag on it that says 'Live Free.' Actually, 'Live free or die' is one of my favorite quotes. I go to city meetings and forums to research who to elect as local representatives.
    I contribute to causes I believe in.
    I celebrate holidays. On December 26 I say '364 days till Christmas!!'
    I tried a cigarette once. I knew it would be the only one I would ever smoke, but I wanted to see what it felt like. It felt good, and now I'm not quite so judgmental of smokers, however I do try to get them to stop because smoking kills people. I tried a cigar once at a wedding. I liked the cigarette better. Ive never told anyone about the cigarette before.

    I barely drink and don't need to. I'm perfectly capable of having a great time and\or acting\saying something stupid without it.
    I swear rarely but sometimes.
    I will watch an R rated movie if it's not exploitative. I tend to stick to PG13 stuff tho. Occult stuff and horror freaks me out so I avoid it. I like sleeping and it's just not worth it to lose sleep over!
    I support gay marriage.
    I believe in evolution as part of creation.
    I will occasionally bare slightly more cleavage than I used to, especially if on a date with my husband. I will occasionally wear a dress that shows my knees!
    I spend Saturday mornings lazy in bed whenever I can.

  • 20yearfader

    I smoked weed did coke,did heroin dropped acid burn incense did I make the cut?

  • Freeandclear
    ^ you win.
  • Freeandclear
    Me? Well I have had lots and lots of sex. I chew, I cuss, I drink. I enjoy every minute of my life. I sleep in on weekends. And I have ZERO guilt. I follow my conscience and it is a good guide. I hurt no one, except maybe myself from time to time, but that's being human.

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