Elder continues serving as elder after his daughter got disfellowshipped!

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  • antes8080

    @hardtobeme if he has a petition already in he can serve. I think that is dumb that illegals can't serve as ms or elders but they can get baptized. The reason is that there breaking the law.

    On the daughter issue it has to do more on how much they like him. He has been a Elder for a year so he is a new guy he probably is doing a lot of work. When the C.O visit comes he might raise concerns about it.

  • PlatinumFix
    The daughter must be hot :D
  • sparrowdown
    Is it possible this guy has spent all his time being an enforcer for WT rules ie an elder, rather than spending time with his children??
  • hardtobeme

    Same congregation, like 4 years ago, a daughter's elder was disfellowshipped. The day after the announcement the other elders called him and let him know that he was not to be in charge of a group, can't be an attendant, can't pass mics, can't offer prayers, read Sunday's watchtower... etc.

    He was doing exactly the same thing as this elder (conducting the school, providing for the family both spiritually and materially) and daughter was over age. Daughter didn't tell anyone what she did and is still unknown. This other elder was likable by the congregation. He was elder for over 5 years.

    Why the difference? Is there "new light" to it?

  • freddo

    Each case is supposed to be reviewed by the BoE as bluesbrother says.

    Some hang on by the skin of their teeth, others jump ship and still others have to be booted off screaming and kicking.

    If the elder has several kids and say two have done good and then one goes bad (in jw terms) he might get a free pass. But if he has several and all of them goof up then he is likely to be out on his ear.

  • fulano
    One would need to know the facts in this case...is he to blame? That has to be proven.
  • careful
    I saw plenty of times when elders would continue to serve after their kids were DFed and other times when the guy would get the ax. Sometimes it depends on whether the elder in question had the right connections or not, or others on the BOE who would pounce on the situation and use it to get rid of a rival.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I've even known a couple of CO's over the years. A couple of CO's had a kid who was disfellowshipped. Each time when these CO's visited, their visits were many years apart, the kids of the CO's had been disfellowshipped for a long time.

    On a side note, I've often been informed about those who can give talks at Regional Conventions(formerly called District Conventions) I'm of the understanding only ''brothers'' could give talks at large Conventions if they were married and childless, raising a family who were exemplary in the congregation and no problem-child kids at home.

    Different if the ''child'' of the CO had grown-up and moved out. This wouldn't be looked at as under the same roof.

    As far as talks at RCs(DC formerly) only ''brothers'' who's family at home was doing very, very well ''spiritually''.

  • Khaleesi
    I agree the bros in spanish need elders mine is down to 4
  • Quarterback
    It depends on the BOE and CO. He may be deleted at the next CO meeting. I have seen cases where they were deleted and cases where they remained.

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