Elder continues serving as elder after his daughter got disfellowshipped!

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  • hardtobeme

    Thanks TimDrake! I asked another elder about his illegal status. He told me that if he had petitioned immigration to fix it, he is ok to serve. He told me that elders have a letter from the WT saying that if he is trying to fix his situation, he can serve.

    Now as for the daughter, I asked myself: "what kind of communication existed between father and daughter?". Like I mentioned it before, for almost a year she was having porneia with the guy and other guys. Her friends knew about it. Her parents didn't know it. Is that an example for the congregation? Can he give advice to families on how to raise teenagers?

  • nicolaou
    The sex life of another man's daughter is not your concern.
  • Dagney

    This is a corporation. They will do whatever is in the best interest of the corporation including the rules they choose to enforce or not.

    Understanding that should help you realize that what goes on in another man's family, or if a guy chooses to work the WT system in his and his family's best interest, or if the WT changes a ruling...not of this has any bearing on your life. It should not matter to you.

    Move forward.

  • Giordano

    From what I have known and read on this forum Elders are being used hard perhaps time wise he left his daughter for his wife to watch over.

    Something went seriously wrong however I don't care if this was an Elder's family.......... no family in or out of a religion for any number of reasons should have a child sleeping around.

  • Simon
    Can he continue serve as an elder per WT qualifications?

    Why not? Unless he himself breaks some rule ...

    He has been an elder for only one year and besides that, he is illegally in the country.

    I kind of find that hard to believe because I don't understand why, if someone was illegal, they would go around telling people and advertising the fact.

    The sex life of another man's daughter is not your concern.

    I agree (unless that man is your father-in-law)

  • sowhatnow

    How about when your unbaptized 14 yr old daughter gets into trouble and your husband is 'only' an M.S. who only does the literature counter ,mic's and occasionally reads at book study? and yet he gets the boot?

    that's called 'we dont like you, and now you gave us a reason to get rid of you' .lol

  • BluesBrother

    It is not without precedent for an elder to stay in office if a family member is d/f'd , IF the others believe that he did all he could as a parent.....Re the Illegal alien thing, this is from the "Correspondence Guidelines " issued to Bethel bro's.

    "Normally, a person known to be an ille-gal alien would not be recommended for appointment as an elder, a ministerial servant, or a pioneer or be used to give instruction from the platform because such a person is not exemplary with respect to his legal residence. He should not be assigned to read or asked to pray at the meetings. He may participate in the field ministry. He may also share in nonteaching parts on the meetings, such as a student talk in the Theocratic Ministry School or a Service Meeting part.
    If a brother who is an illegal alien has notified the authorities and filedpapers with them to resolve his situation, he might be appointed as an elder, a ministerial servant, or a pioneer even if the authorities do not act promptly but, instead, drag out the case for a long time "

  • sir82

    It's very rare, but not unheard of.

    Technically, if an elder has a kid DF'ed, the elders are supposed to "review his qualifications". In most cases, they will determine that he was not "presiding over his household in a fine manner" and drop him.

    On rare occasions, the elders might determine that the elder really did "all he could' and that the DF'ed kid is just a "bad seed" and thus the elder could remain. But again, that should be extremely rare.

    That said....in practical terms, I can easily imagine cases where there is either (a) a deeply entrenched good ol' boy arrangement, in which an elder with powerful elder friends could remain "in power", what the WTS says be damned, or (b) an area where the need for elders is acute, and the one with a DF'ed kid is a real heavy, and they can't afford to lose him, so he stays.

  • Londo111
    Loophole: "known to be"
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The elders that were appointed around the same time I was appointed, over half of

    those serving today kids are DF, and a large number of those elders kids were DF in

    their teens while living with their elder dad. I'm speaking about elders that were appointed

    in the 60's and 70's.....One elder I knew both his kids were DF in their teens, and he still remain

    a crazy elder and still serving today.

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