Elder continues serving as elder after his daughter got disfellowshipped!

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  • hardtobeme

    This is what is happening in a Spanish congregation in our area. This happened 3 weeks ago. This brother conducted the school and after the school was over, another elder gave the announcement: "( name of the person) is not longer a Jehovah's Witness". Everyone was silent about it. After the meeting was over, everyone came to his wife to give the "condolences". She seemed devastated. One thing that I noticed was that no one came to him, it looks like no one likes him. He is just another elder butt kisser.

    Two Sundays after that, he presided the Sunday meeting. I was able to see in the brothers faces that they were not happy about it. This brother is acting like nothing is going on. His daughter is under age and she told her friends in the congregation and outside the congregation what she did. For almost a year she was having sex with a guy from another congregation. Besides that, she was escaping from home during the night to see other guys. Even during an anniversary party her parents had, some brothers saw her making out on the street in the dark with a guy. And she told her friends that she was going to wait till she was 18 to tell the elders about it.

    What do you guys think about it? Is it possible that this brother continues to serve as an elder? If not, are there articles from the WT to debunk this brother? Currently, there are 5 elders in the congregation.

  • Londo111
    From what I understand, they are strapped for "qualified" men to appoint in Spanish, and in the US, it's where the growth is. They might not be so picky.
  • hardtobeme
    There are many Spanish congregations around this area. Each congregation has 4 or 6 elders from what I know.
  • cyberjesus
    Let him be.... its ok. JWs need more of those elders
  • ToesUp

    Yes they are strapped for "men."

    We had an Elder that had his kids in college and their was a lot of "talking" going on the the hall about this. The Elders knew there was a lot of talking going on. Many in the congregation were very stumbled by him having his children in college. BUT...you see this particular Elder did MUCH in the congregation. Sometimes he would practically run the entire mid week meeting. Let's face it, the Elders don't want to have to carry the whole meeting, some just want to do the bare minimum (can you blame them). When you get an Elder that is more than willing to "do the job", you'll make concessions for him, right?

  • Simon

    What a sad story. Another family broken apart because of following the teachings of old men.

    At least the rules have applied to all - too often we hear of elders families escaping the same punishment that would befall others.

    Of course the pendulum is in the wrong direction, it shouldn't really be punishment by ostracizing a child.

  • hardtobeme

    Can he continue serve as an elder per WT qualifications?

    He has been an elder for only one year and besides that, he is illegally in the country.

  • Clambake

    We have an elder in my wife's hall who has two unbaptized JW children who are now adults and moved on.

    Being raised as dubs from birth, how they escaped the dip is beyond me. I wonder how much pressure this guy has been for allowing that to happen.

  • TimDrake1914

    LOL! He is illegal in the country?! That tells you all there is to it! He shouldn't even be allowed to serve as an elder if he is illegally in the country per WT rules. That tells you he only has privileges because the other elders want him/need him to have privileges. If they were going by the book, he wouldn't even be serving.

    As for the deal with his daughter, again, it depends on the other elders and if they think he did everything he could to make sure she didn't lead that kind of lifestyle. If they deem he was doing everything within his power to prevent her from messing up like that, they could let him stay as elder as long as it didn't stumble the congregation. But the fact that the congregation does feel stumbled and he is still there again shows that he's only still an elder because the other elders want to keep him there.

  • Londo111
    I thought that the legal status was precisely why many men could not be appointed. But then, that was about a decade ago I heard that. Perhaps they are more willing to bend on that issue now.

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