Just need to vent a little

by Phoebe 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    LOL Phoebe! You COULD make it up, but with these bozos you don't have to!

  • Vetiver

    Wow, that's intense. Honestly, people stopped trying to visit me. I asked my mom who is still a witness, (and lucky for me, hasn't disowned me) to tell the elders I work sometimes 7 days a week, love drinking beer, and washing my Lexus and going out with my very wordly girlfriend and go to Vegas every chance I get. I also shave my head and drive by my old hall playing metal or classic rock. I have a really bad social anxiety disorder that was developed in the hall, but when I see an old acquaintance, I walk up to them and smile and act like I came out of an Anthony Robbins empowerment speech. I wear a chakra bracelet because I love to meditate and their eyes follow it like I have a red snake on my wrist. Who knows, they might think it's a LGBT thing for lack of knowledge. My thing is: I won't give them the satisfaction of feeling guilty. I love having free will, reading horror and fantasy novels, going to the beach without a group of people overlooked by others, and most of all, respecting people for what they believe in. I think of ELO's song, 'Don't Bring Me Down.'

  • Xanthippe

    Pheobe you don't need to 'sort yourself out' at all. You've raised children with minds of their own who have all gone to university and now have good jobs. Well done! Perhaps your anxiety disorder will go with a few more months away from this horrible religion where people let you sit all on your own for twenty years! Take care.

  • SAHS

    To “Vetiver”: I love your post! It is like a soothing balm of self-validation to my JW-stepped-on soul.

  • Vetiver

    Thanks SAHS: Footprints and paths are chosen. I'm just glad to be a rounded off and being a cobblestone soothed by time and watching people fall off a waterfall of faith

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