Revelation - it's grand climax is at hand

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  • Listener

    Some people point out the subliminal pictures in the wtbts publications but sometimes things are just so obvious, such as the title of the book above.

    The person who came up with the title for this book must have had a good old laugh.

    Interestingly, this book first came out in 1988 and has not been included in the online library but nothing has replaced it. The org is really going backwards when they ditch old light and cannot come up with anything new. They are real wankers ;).

  • kaik
    This book caused me to walk out from WT cult. After reading it and studying, I realized it was all just man-made BS. Half of the book are just irrational construct attempted to wrap JW history into Revelation like conventions in Cedar Point are pouring bowls upon humanity. I still think it is must for anyone who is interested in JW reasoning and theology.
  • prologos
    the new book " God's Kingdom Rules" (1914) is the same thing, all things wrapped around the organisation, this time without the trumpet assemblies, the resolutions, just the same navel-gazing introspective. and covers the same period, "the Lord's day".
  • NewYork44M
    We were studying the Grand Climax book at the book study when I was going through my early stages of learning TTATT. Reading the book without the JW filters was an eye-opening experience.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "The person who came up with the title for this book must have had a good old laugh."

    That title was probably made up by a young nerdish Bethelite who didn't have a clue as to what it would mean to others.


    The "Climax" book is a prime example of the "Type/Anti-type" dogma of the WTBTS. That dogma is no longer considered relevant. The problem is that the "deeper things of God", many of which were based entirely upon the "type/Anti-type" formula; the things that no "false religion" could comprehend, were "proof" of God's backing. Now, those "deeper things" are no longer true.

    When the WTBTS dropped the majority of the "types/anti-types", they destroyed their foundation of "truth." Now, the have no "proof" of anything, save their televangelism.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I don't know how many times that Revelation Climax book was revised. I'd have to wonder if the average JW was confused about the many doctrinal changes with that book. For me it was the utmost confusing.
  • dbq407
    Interesting how none of the publications on their online library go back further than the year 2000. Just like they have always done, they try to bury their past publications because they prove they are liars.
  • steve2

    The very first chink in my faith was caused hy a Watchtower study article in the early 1970s looking at the anti-types for Ruth and Naomi and applying them to the modern organization. Even as a born-in who was firmly "in" the "truth", I was troubled not just by the concept of antitypes but the narcissistic application of almost every story in Scripture to the GB. I t did not make any sense at all - and even then struck me as a bit daft. Oh, theirvteaching thatparts of Revelation were fulfilled in a series of assemblies post 1914 was even more crazy-minded.

    Now they've come out and said there is not Scriptural basis for the nonsense about types and antitypes - and their interpretations of Revelation languish. So much for being champions of "truth"!

  • Dunedain
    Can you guys clarify what is meant by types and anti-types, and what the WTS has said about it not being scriptural? I havnt heard about that yet. I appreciate it guys, thanks.

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