Revelation - it's grand climax is at hand

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    hahahah, I just go it never thought of that before LOL !!!!!

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Yeah when we studied that book in 07-08 or so at the old style book studies in homes I thought to myself, boy what have I gotten myself into this is a credulous cult, culture club. I backed off on my hours and activity then and there.

    Everyone one was just like wow neat good thing we have the governing body to explain it all to us.

  • Divergent

    This book was studied 3 times during congregation book studies. The first 2 times I was very young & don't remember shit, just some pictures which I thought were cool. I was a teenager when the book was studied for the 3rd time. It was then that the book was revised

    The problem was that for some reason, our cong did not have an adequate supply of the new books for some time, so many had to use their old books. To make sure that those who had the old books were kept up to date with the changes, there was a pdf file that was made available which contained all the revised parts. Those who still did not have the new book had to make printouts to be able to follow along correctly during the study

    I saw the many pages of changes & wondered to myself WHY there were so many understandings which needed to be updated??? However, I was still too brainwashed to figure things out, only was able to do so much later

  • kaik

    Can you guys clarify what is meant by types and anti-types, and what the WTS has said about it not being scriptural? I havnt heard about that yet. I appreciate it guys, thanks.

    Typology is a doctrine which believes that events/things/individuals in the Old Testament has a parable or meaning in the New Testament and Christianity. For example WT doctrine on Noah Ark: people survived Flood by association with Noah and stepping into vessel. WT antitype is that people survive Armageddon by associating with WT and stepping into Noah family of Jehovah Witnesses.

    In a bigger picture, this doctrine is implemented for entire Christianity. The future King in Iz 9:1–6 is seen as a fulfillment of Jesus Christ. Type/antitype is not unique to WT, but all Christianity, where Jewish books were reinterpreted for religion based on the New Testament. No Jew can accept a belief of Jesus as a Messiah, but Christianity did exactly this by associating Jewish books for its theology. Christianity does not care that in Jewish beliefs is Jesus sacrifice meaningless (nobody can pay for anyone else sins, only you only are responsible for your own sins, there is not Adamic sins that is inherited by humanity, etc). Nonetheless, by using type/antitype doctrine they do and bend OT beliefs to fit their beliefs.

  • joe134cd
    Sorry listener you are obviously not an American. Americans don't use the word "wanker".
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Divergent you had the same experience as me. Only the reader and conductor had the new books. I had been ill and hospitalised due to severe depression so had not been to a meeting or read any littertrash for a few months. I had not marked the changes and was only vaguely aware of the "corrections"

    None of it made sense as the "new light" was spoken out loud but I was reading what I always believed was "the truth". How does " truth" change. 2008 was a pivotal year for me and a year later I was out. Have not been "hospitalised" against my will again since either.

  • TheOldHippie

    "Interestingly, this book first came out in 1988 and has not been included in the online library but nothing has replaced it."

    It is on the CD-rom

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Yeah Rutherford in jail for publishing the looney tunes book finished mystery....was ALL FORETOLD 2,000 YEARS AGO in the bible!! We were such dumb idiots. I ate it up with a spoon like Oliver Twist and ask for "more."
  • Zoos
    Every time I see the title to that book it takes me back to when dad studied the old Youth book with my brother(age 12) and me(age 10).
    * * * Your Youth - Getting the Best Out of It, chap.5, par.1 * * *
    Should you experiment with your sex organs? Is there anything wrong with rubbing them in some way until the excitement is climaxed?

    Guilty! I figured out how to do THAT real early. I was already getting the best out of my youth.
    ... and then that end-of-the-world climax? Different!
  • fastJehu
    Interesting how none of the publications on their online library go back further than the year 2000.

    The book "Reasoning" is online and it is from 1989


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