Work Christmas functions: Being a Bible Student (unbaptized)

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  • Listener
    My boss is adamant I attend team Christmas functions.

    It's likely your Boss is encouraging friendship between your team members. This is well known to help create a better working environment for everyone. Standing on the outside or apart from 'worldly' people does the opposite.
  • Xanthippe

    Your study conductor is following the organisational directives to separate you from your work colleagues. Have they tried to separate you from you nonJW relatives as well? This is what cults do.

    Soon you will have only JW friends and then even if you hate all the rules, believe me you haven't heard them all yet, you won't want to leave. Why, because you will have become isolated from all the people you know except the people in the cult. Read up on cult's isolationist behaviour.

  • rulehayl
    Boss & I had a big discussion this afternoon. She will not include me in any planning of any Birthday or Christmas celebrations for the team. I have discussed my situation with some colleagues privately, nobody really cares to be honest. But yes, Boss wants to include me to encourage team-building, which I said I have no problems with - just not on those holidays. I do my job properly so she can't say I'm not a team player when I often stay back overtime to help others among other things.

    To other commenters - no my Study Conductor has not tried to separate me from any non-JW family members - and I don't really have any JW friends either. I only talk to my congregation buddies at meetings, I don't hang out with them outside of meetings as most are older and have families.
  • Listener

    Rulehayl, you need to be aware that you are not following any biblical instruction here in regards to Birthdays, rather you are following the ideas of 7 men in New York who are imposing their conscience on yours.

    What is your reason for not celebrating Birthdays and how did you come to that conclusion?

  • rulehayl

    I personally felt that birthdays are basically just an ego-boost for people. When people would forget my own birthday, it would make me angry and resentful. Especially with the introduction of Facebook, people would wish me Happy Birthday just because it was in their News Feed. I tested that theory when I cancelled my Facebook and then found the wishes stopped.

    Birthdays, rather you are following the ideas of 7 men in New York who are imposing their conscience on yours

    And what makes those 7 men different from other heads of organised religion? All organisations have a head who dictates terms to some degree. It's my brother's birthday this weekend, he knows I won't be going. He is disappointed, but I might pop in to say hello after the festivities have died down.

  • Onager

    "And what makes those 7 men different from other heads of organised religion? All organisations have a head who dictates terms to some degree."

    Have you considered that there may be no difference between them and that they're all wrong?

    You feel that birthdays are an Ego boost for people? Can you tell me what's wrong with giving an ego boost to people you love? Can you point me to a study that shows that birthdays are responsible for people becoming out of control ego-maniacs?

    I like to make my wife and child feel appreciated on a day to day basis, but a birthday gives the chance to really focus on that person and make them feel valued and loved. It strengthens the family bonds and brings us all closer together. That happens to a lesser extent with non-family members too. Birthday's strengthen social bonds.

    That exposes what the real purpose of the man-made rule banning birthdays is: Isolation of the individual through the weakening of social bonds.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Dear Rulehay

    Glad you are still here and responding.

    Keep reading.... and please wait till you have done more research before you are baptised.


  • pale.emperor

    It's worth remembering that the book What Does The Bible Really Teach? has been updated at least once since it was first publish... so the first time they published it it wasn't actually "the truth".

    How can we be sure they've got it right this time?

  • jookbeard

    dont worry your little self Rulhayl about Christmas parties, jeehovah really isnt interested , the organisation you are involved with were very happily celebrating them and birthday parties back in the day, and another thing you say you are a "bible student" studying the bible, that is not strictly true is it? you are studying a book, and I wouldn't mind betting the bible is very seldom used, let me give you a little tip, learn to read the bible without any additional material with it, read it on its own, also when you resume your bible study ask if you can have the study just using the bible and see what the jw's say, you may learn a few things. Those seven men you speak of have the blood of thousands on their hands, dont think for one second they are seven humble men upholding the rules of jeehovah, you couldn't be further from the truth, these so called rules that you mention have changed countless times over the decades,you seen the news items on child abuse that this organisation has been complicit in covering up? it really is endemic, you might want to look at The Australian Royal Commission enquiry, The Candice Conti court case, the recent BBC news, the BBC Panorama programme Suffer Little Children,( in the meantime is an excellent recourse material that you should be looking at.

  • carla

    Rulhayl, my husband joined this so called religion later in life, believe me when I and others here tell you that you are NOT getting the full picture while in 'publisher' mode.

    You should decide if you should follow mere men or your God given brain in the following (and these are just a few)-

    how you dress & wear your make up, shoes (no toe cleavage, no kidding)

    how you can have sex with your spouse

    who you can associate with

    what holidays (or not) you can celebrate

    if you will kill yourself and loved ones with the ungodly blood policy

    if you can read the Bible by yourself

    if you can have opinions about the Bible and have discussions with fellow members even if they disagree with the governing body of jw's

    if you can research history that disagrees with the watchtower and discuss with others

    if you will shun someone and treat them like crap because why? well, hell you don't need to know why, you just shun someone because we said you should.

    if you will slowly begin to shun your own family and friends because they are not jw's and you will not even see yourself doing this and then you will justify it with jw reasoning

    if you are allowed to research the history of the watchtower

    if you will also protect a pedophile because the jw's have asked you to so there is no 'reproach' upon the organization. You may even be asked to go to court and tell the court what great guy/girl the pedophile is.'

    if you will spend every Sat knocking on doors to tell them about a website

    and on and on I could go, this is just a start.

    If you continue with the jw's without researching it WILL change your life forever and not for the best. You could end up spending years in a therapist room dealing with PTSD, emotional, physical and spiritual abuse issues. Not to mention dealing with the guilt of what you have done to your friends family and how you treated them once you realize this is not the 'truth' but a man made cult.

    You do not become a better person or learn any 'truths' about God becoming a watchtower follower, how could you? you are too busy with nonsensical busy work going in fs and meetings towing the company line and putting your friends and family second (if that) do learn anything of value.

    Do some research!

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