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    One of the most important things in any long-term relationship is to keep it fresh & funky.

    By that I mean that you need to be original and think up inventive new ways to inject (pun absolutely intended!) a bit of passion into your sex life.

    It's that simple, really.

    Here's a good one to try: Buy a nice big bottle of quality skin cream, and then apply all of it onto the skin of your significant other. ALL of it. SLOWLY. (This should take several hours.) Massage is very sensual - take a few classes at a good school if you're not familiar with it. I promise you that your investment will be repaid a thousandfold. Female sensuality is holistic - woman get turned on by the entire experience, a fact that many men are unaware of. Sure, they enjoy crazy monkey sex every now and then too, but in general they're the stove plates versus our male light bulbs, if you get my drift

    And another important thing to remember is, always feed your lover first! With good food!

    Try these things, and report back

    To answer your question, yes of course it's important. We're human, after all!

  • tinkerbell82
    Buy a nice big bottle of quality skin cream, and then apply all of it onto the skin of your significant other. ALL of it. SLOWLY.

    sadly, id be attacked before i even cracked open the bottle...:P

  • SYN

    Tinkerbell, you need to tie your man DOWN first!

    Really! Use your, um, head!

    Besides, the advice was meant for men, not women! But I guess it could work on a really cold man too. Damn, he'd have to be just about frozen for it not to work, upon further consideration.

    In fact, it would probably work on a male CORPSE! Geesh!

  • smack

    a really cold man? whats that?

  • dmouse

    I know how you feel, NWS, as I'm in a similer predicament myself.

    I've been married for 18 years but for about the last 2 sex has been non-existent. I haven't had sex since a year last Christmas. The last time my wife and I made love I looked at her and saw a look of complete disgust and utter contempt on her face. I knew that I could never make love to her again unless she instigated it. She never has.

    I think, for me, I'm getting to the end. Short periods without sex, to overcome problems, is OK. But I don't want to be celebate for the rest of my life which looks likely if I stay married. Sex may not be important to her but it is to me.

    So I am actively considering ending my marriage (which is only a technicality anyway since our 'marriage' effectively ended when I stopped being a JW). I feel utterly miserable all of the time, being stuck in this stagnent relationship is poisoning my entire existence.

    It hurts. It's gonna be scary. And I feel sorry for my kids. But I can't see any other way forward but to eventually separate.

  • smack

    and we'll be here to support you danger mouse. It ain't easy, it's very messy and someone always gets hurt.



    Hi DM ,your situation sounds very familiar to my situation , how many times can you enjoy yourself sexually when you get that type of reaction , I have done the same thing as far as waiting until she initiates things and it has been quite some time . I have two kids as well and I really hate to think of the path im traveling on , but as you said a celibacy has no place in marriage . It is quite maddening . I wish you luck and happiness with your choices in your situation . oh by the way

    I absolutely love danger mouse ! One of my favorite cartoons, good choice.

  • Shutterbug
    sadly, id be attacked before i even cracked open the bottle...:P

    I once heard that women are conventional ovens and men are microwaves. The above quote from Tinkerbell seems to confirm that theory. Bug

  • Celia

    A few weeks ago there was a great report in Newsweek about sex-less marriages.

    One woman put it like this : "It's hard to feel sexy when you're pi**ed off all the time...."

    Pi**ed off, because she's overworked, and hubby doesn't do anything to help around the house... Pi**ed off because he never does anything nice for her anymore.... Pi**ed off because he takes her for granted...

    What about the guys who go to bed without taking a shower after a day of sweaty work outdoors? Or the guy who stinks of cigarettes when he comes to bed, even though he knows she can't stand that smell.... etc....

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