How Knowledge is Dissipated in Talks

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  • stillin

    The exception to the interfaith ban is when an actual elder gives a presentation. He knows what the schmooze is with the other elders. He is a "teacher." He can make a big deal out of one person asking one innocuous question after the session.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Cofty » Let's review - The JWs are a cult, just like the Mormons but different.

    Yeah, a lot different! We don't have any of these weird controls the JWs have. The JWs are put in virtual cages.

    Jesus also was a cult leader in his day, but he was no Charles Manson. He built his religion on the ancient Hebrew scriptures and did not control what his followers read or believed. "Search the scriptures," he said, "For they are they which testify of me."

    I've lived in Mormonism for forty-five years and I've never felt trapped or controlled in any way, so my statement carries no irony. I can read what I want, go to my family's Methodist church when I'm visiting their home. I can give lectures, listen to lectures and argue the fine points of scripture in Sunday School lessons and can interpret them differently than church leaders.

    In the Watchtower Society, man created the religion, we're told, then God chose them. In "Mormon" theology, God created the religion, making God the ACTIVE player, not the PASSIVE player. If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He's always been the ACTIVE player, why would I choose a church where God is the PASSIVE player?

    There are many differences, Cofty, and though the Mormons are arguably a cult, we've got far more in common with the cult of ancient Christianity than the Adventism of the Watchtower Society. (Pliny the elder always referred to ancient Christianity as a "cult" in his writings to the Romans, and it was always in the pejorative sense.) So I think we're in good company.

  • cofty
    Yeah, a lot different! We don't have any of these weird controls the JWs have

    I watched a documentary about mormon missionaries in the UK. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. You are a controlling, dehumanising cult every bit as much as the WT.

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  • Diogenesister

    Hi guys, here is the link to the rad apostate elder talk. He was accidentally left on the approved speakers list once he had left the org. Having got a request years later to give a talk at a KH he decided to go for it. Here is the result. Enjoy!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The way the JW org works is to demand and expect total obedience to the cult masters.

    It is not about truth or doctrine, the Org (like some other religions) is a mere business which goes about milking the gullible for their loyalty to the cult brand.This consists of a set of religious hypotheses invented by the governing body and presented as the exclusive set of divine truths-- but in reality doctrine is only a side show to the demand for brand loyalty.

    All cult members are indoctrinated to have the highest expectation of complete conformity, this is the magic ingredient for a cult; everyone believing the same doctrine both as a prized mark of membership and as an (apparent) visible symbol of divine blessing. Therefore cult members are always alarmed at the smallest deviation from cult orthodoxy, the cult leaders however when challenged, become incandescent!

    Were differing views permitted in the kh's the whole house of cards would instantly fall hence the perpetual propaganda to stave off real learning and making the case for believing only in the JW leadership. They must of course present their role as the only mediation between God and men, even if they publish otherwise.

    Heresy then is the scourge of all cults!

    Real knowledge thrives on argument and evidence. . . and cults thrive on ignorance and obedience.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Cofty » I watched a documentary about mormon missionaries in the UK. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. You are a controlling, dehumanising cult every bit as much as the WT.

    Well, Cofty, if you're right I haven't seen it. I'm familiar with every website you listed and I invite people to check out each one of them if they wish to hear incessant atheistic whining, but they'll learn little about the real church. Interestingly, I've met most of the people who have created and run those websites.

    As for dehumanizing, I can't think of anything more dehunanizing as atheism and Darwinism, which you espouse. Check out these websites.

    All About Creation and Darwinism

    Darwinian Evolution

    Creation Versus Evolution

    Creation or Evolution: Does It Matter What You Believe?

    See, anyone can post websites. But one thing I've noticed about your posts, Cofty, is that you'll write substantive posts on evolution and atheism, but on religion and matters you don't know much about, you resort to insults and name calling. You don't know anything about the Book of Mormon or how it came to be, but you do know how to use Google and you can copy links and find anti-Christian and anti-Mormon websites. Being familiar with the latter, I know that most of them were initiated by and maintained by a mere handful of malcontents. You're also completely ignorant of the websites written and maintained by active, believing members of the church who defend it, many of them with degrees in ancient scripture, history, geology, anthropology, archeology, theology and journalism, to name a few.

    I know nothing about these sites I posted. I don't know who wrote them or what their qualifications are. I do know how the authors feel about evolution and that's all I need to know for the sake of this post. And that's all you did. As an atheist, you're sloppy in your research. I understand you got burned by the WTB&TS and that you reacted by rejecting all things having to do with God.

    The websites you posted are exclusively anti-Mormon are the same ones you've posted before. You simply copy and paste. I didn't see one with a balanced view. (In fact, one was written by a friend of mine with whom I strongly disagree, but I could tell you stories on why he is like he is; but he's hardly upfront about them on his site.)

    So the next time you run that list, why don't you add this one?

    Evidences of the Mormon

    It's all about objectivity. When it comes to what's important to you, you make it a point to be well read and as informative as you can. But when it comes to religion, Google is your only friend. You put anything you don't like into your cult basket and dismiss it with insults. Why? You got burned.

    Again, with 45 years under my belt, I've NEVER had the slightest problem with my church lording itself over me in a dictatorial manner. I can have a beard, use any kind of after shave I want, dress however I wish and read whatever I want. We have none of the restrictions the JWs have, so why keep trying to dump us all into the same pot?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Diogenesister » Having got a request years later to give a talk at a KH he decided to go for it. Here is the result.

    After the talk what happened? Did they realize their mistake immediately? Who was it who first realized that a subliminal message was being sent. I was amazed when they cut of his mic. Did they usher him into a back room?

    It was masterfully done. Did he leave immediately or stick around?

    Did they find his body in an ally, gutted out and a Red John smiley face painted in his blood on the bricks facing the front?

    Did they keep him on the list?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Before you criticise others Cold Steel, most here have had the good nature not to comment on the wording of your subject matter. You cannot easily 'dissipate' knowlege can you? Try disseminate next time.

  • waton
    You cannot easily 'dissipate' knowlege can you? Try disseminate next time.

    well you can "diss" knowledge in a talk, happening at wt meetings near you all the time.

  • cofty

    Cold Steel - If anybody wants to know the reality about the Watchtower they need to talk to ex-JWs.

    If anybody wants to know the truth about Mormonism they need to talk to ex-Mormons.

    There are tens of thousands of personal accounts of the abuse suffered by members of both cults to be found online.

    The sheer number of large ex_mormon forums tells a story.

    You are a cult apologist.

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