How Knowledge is Dissipated in Talks

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Cold Steel » ... the work will be done, either now or later, and it's really none of your business.

    I'll give this to came out wrong and I apologize. I meant to convey that we believe it to be a matter left to the deceased. Again we mean no disrespect to the relatives. Still, all those who did not receive the Gospel here will receive it eventually anyway. It will just be later rather than sooner.

    My point is, we believe it's for their good and that, being able to reject it is, or should be, their decision. Not their grandkids. Perhaps that's why the church is putting it off for a hundred years. If Jesus doesn't come, then the work will die on the vine. If he does, then minds will change.

    Anyway I apologize if I offended.

  • cofty
    Anyway I apologize if I offended

    Don't apologise for your offensive words apologise for your cult's deeply offensive actions.

    Baptising holocaust victims into your ridiculous cult is what is offensive.

  • David_Jay

    Cold Steel,

    After reading your comments I take it back. I don't think you are a good person.

    It's not the LDS religion I am attacking here either. It's your arrogance. As an Israeli Jew I am offended by you and your horrible wielding of LDS teachings.

    I have had two missions visit me, and they have assured me that what you are doing on this site and how you are doing it is wrong. You shouldn't be on this site speaking as you are. You also should never, under any circumstance, be citing any LDS text or Scripture or recommending any Mormon sites in discussions with me or suggest that I even read the book of Mormon since I am Israeli. All this you have done directly to me on this thread and others.

    Regardless of where I may be on the planet, I have been informed, no Mormon may proselytize or act in any way that may be construed as having the purpose of proselytizing an Israeli Jew. Doing so may place the formal relations the LDS church has with the state of Israel at risk.

    Again it is not your church I am speaking against. It is you.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I have not recommended that you or anyone else read the Book of Mormon, nor have I done the things you accuse me of. It's blatantly unfair to come here with a chip on your shoulder, to a discussion board, then assert that anything contrary to your beliefs is an affront to not only you, but all Jews.

    When have I ever cited any LDS text or Scripture except to clarify questions or comments addressed to me requiring clarification. You act as though Christians are your enemy and we are not. If you raise the issue of baptism for the dead, how can I answer or clarify our position without citing our scripture or writings? Do you think we mean to insult your relatives, David? Or you? Are you so narrow minded of the beliefs of others that you can't hear or try to understand them? Who's being arrogant?

    Like it or not, I have put forth our beliefs. Yes, you may think Joseph Smith and Jesus made up these bizarre religions and that we've got it all wrong, but we respectfully disagree. Moses had his revelations in the deserts of the Sinai. Jesus had his in Jerusalem, and Joseph Smith in New York. But do you think WE made up our beliefs, and said, hey, let's go yank the chains of the Israeli Jews? We do many thousands of baptisms, and while you may find it reprehensible that we baptize anyone's relatives, that's just not the way we see it.

    If you don't want me to defend my beliefs, don't make them an issue. I'm not here to discuss Mormonism...we have our own sites for that and you can go there and pound on us if you like.

    I suggest you go back and reread this thread to find out how this whole thing developed before making your accusations. We LDS mean no offense to anyone, and we don't do what we do out of spite or malice. To take it as such is a mistake on your part.

  • hothabanero

    @Cold steel: You are not even exjw?! wtf you are a special kind of moron!

  • David_Jay

    Cold Steel wrote:

    I have not recommended that you or anyone else read the Book of Mormon, nor have I done the things you accuse me of.

    But in the thread "Do religious people fear that their religion may be wrong?" Cold Steel posted in a reply to me:

    You may also wish to read the Book of Mormon to determine the differences between modern Jews and those living in 600 BCE.

    You can also look at all the LDS texts he presents to me in that thread and the video he inserted that I should look at. Cold Steel, you did indeed do these things. There are not accusations.

    I suggest you go back and reread this thread to find out how this whole thing developed before making your accusations.

    I suggest everyone to see this other thread and look at your comments on this site and see that you are indeed recommending I read your LDS texts.

    You are not being honest with us or your church. Faithful Mormons do not discuss their religion with Israelis. Since you posted your email address on here, I have used to it to look up your name and that of your wife. I am very certain if I let those in responsible positions in your local church know what you are doing and what you have been writing, they will agree that you have been acting most improper.

    And that is not a threat. I have already contacted missionaries in my area who will help me make a formal complaint. I should also let people know on this site that you seem to be quite active all over the Internet on many boards engaging in proselytizing. One has only to look up the email name you posted on your profile, without the @gmail, and examine your handiwork elsewhere.

  • Steel

    Mormon theology is completely laughable but in terms as being as destructive to your physical and mental health as the watchtower and tract society, it's not even close.

    Not to mention the soul sucking, dream killing and being a general total waste of time, again not even close to the wts.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I recommend reading all these threads in context. Decide for yourself if I've been out of line considering the topics. David, you seem to put a great deal of stock in being an Israeli Jew (rather than an American Jew). I respect that because your background and education is so defined, but what's the difference in your touting your religious background and me mine?

    The topic you use against me was "Do Religious People Fear Their Religion May Be Wrong?" and I saw nothing saying "except Mormons." I thought this was a forum for the exchange of religious views and thought. I have nothing against your constantly reminding people you're a fact, it's appropriate and affords us an appreciation of your background. But you seem to have something personal against Latter-day Saints, and it seems to stem back to the baptism thing (which I have no control over). When people ask me about the Book of Mormon or make lame comments about there being zero evidence for it, of course I'm going to defend it. Rather than being some mindless cult, I consider Mormonism to be as significant a religious movement as Islam.

    Lately I've been studying the Seventh Day Adventists and Ellen G. White. I've read her revelations and visions and have been listening to their YouTube videos. And I've compared them to Joseph Smith's writings, and in my view there's no contest. But it's one thing to read these things, and quite another to declare them "laughable" without reading them. People are entitled to their opinions, though.

  • Vidiot

    Let's be honest, folks.

    The real reason they forbid individual / small-group / "independent" Bible study is because whoever does it - honestly - can't help but come to the inevitable conclusion that the WTS is wrong.

  • dubstepped

    @Cold Steel - What is your connection with JWs? Why do you come here after all? It seems like it's just to join in the fray and to mock Jehovah's Witnesses while being a supporter of your own crazy cult. I would get it if you were an ex-Mormon and were finding similarities in the two, but you're not. Do you have relatives that are JWs that you're trying to understand or something?

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