JW story - "husbands JW beliefs ruining the family" - on Dr. Phil today

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  • LV101

    Best point made per smiddy3 -- Dr. Phil stated point blank he'd tell them to go to hell or kiss his ___ (lots of interruptions where I was watching TV) if they shunned his wife/family/children. Perfect! He's a man and he mentioned being a man in a situation where individuals are subjected to -- in this case following pathetic cult rules.

    I never watch Dr. Phil but have read his credentials -- he's very educated and was a medical physician before he became a renown psychologist in spite of being a TV celeb.

  • LV101

    Tatiana indicated more than once she contacted elders for help with her husband. So much for following a group of illiterate losers. What a pathetic cult. I realize, of course, there are some exemplary husbands/fathers associated past and present in spite of the cult.

  • Finkelstein

    Just a thought, did the wife make up suspicious stories about her husband having conducting inappropriately with the children just so that he too would be DFed or badly marked, thereby influencing him to also leave the JWS along with her ?

    The sexual misconduct of the husband was not really talked about in depth during the program, after all that was the reason the CPS stepped in under the information given to them via the elders.

  • Dagney

    Welp. That was an interesting watch.

    It's a hot mess. I hope there is some help for the kids sakes.

  • nonjwspouse

    In our family we have some who are independent baptist ( also a cult group) and they are constantly going to their pastor for all sorts of decisions, or advice. These are two smart people that can't seem to allow themselves to make the decisions without the pastors approval.

    SO I can see how this woman would continually go to the elders, as she is told to go to them for help. ( not seek any therapy, just talk with the elders)

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