I am grateful for leaving the watchtower corporation. Innit!

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  • punkofnice

    JoHo - Thatg song is soooo familiar....and yes...I love it! Thanks for the post.

    TotADD - I love your avvy, it's rather amusing. It seems like we have common ground. Politics is a game......I don't think we really have too much of a choice above illusion of choice. I looked at the USA election and thought, 'blimey, both bad choices in a 2 party game.'

    Hopefully, this link will take you to the general vicinity of my books.....cheers


  • flipper

    I second your emotion Punky. I'm grateful you left the WT organization too ! I'm grateful I left the WT organization too ! Hell- I'm grateful lots of folks here have left the WT organization ! I'll be even more grateful if the WT organization blows up into a million little pieces blown away into oblivion like dust the wind ! That's how grateful I am ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • punkofnice

    flipster- May you ever be surrounded by delicious fish.

  • punkofnice

    14. I don't have many X-mas presents to buy.

  • LongHairGal


    I am glad I walked away from the religion too for many reasons. The biggest one is that I got myself back!


    I am in agreement with you about not caring whether life is meaningless and just enjoying simple pleasures instead of trying to read into things. Yes, just enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life!

  • punkofnice
    long haired one - The biggest one is that I got myself back!

    That's absolutely grand. Glad youi escaped the slaveholdery of the WBT$.

  • flipper

    Punk of Nice said, " flipster- May you ever be surrounded by delicious fish . "

    Great , nice ! Please make it Salmon, Salmon is my favorite fish ! I want Salmon for Christmas ! I'll keep doing my dolphin call ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Giordano

    My Wife and I left after trying for three years to reconcile JW teachings with reality. This was in 1966.

    Vietnam was a killing field then and I lost my pioneer ministerial deferment and I was now exposed to the draft. I thought my timing sucked.

    A year or two later 1975 was promoted as The Year the balloon goes up and I seriously thought my timing double sucked.

    'The Friends' and family took every occasion......... family dinners, weddings, funerals, stuff we couldn't get out of, to remind us the end was near. We were once a golden couple acclaimed by one and all for our wisdom and dedication, now we were the 'other'........ of little value.

    Our son was born in 1967 and because that was now a deferment the draft was off the table. Things were looking up.

    We relocated to Florida, if your going to be poor....... be poor where people go to vacation. I picked up work mainly in Real Estate Sales the only thing I had any training in from my JW pioneer years. I had a suit, kept my shoes shined, could look someone in the eye and pretend I was interested in what they were saying. Somehow or other I was a decent sales person.

    I did make money during the Florida boom years, we made friends that we still have.

    1975? It came and went. By then we had totally forgotten that the big A was supposed to happen. How silly of us to have once believed.

    Told my son what those years were like and thanked him for saving me from the draft.

    He thanked me for saving him from the JW's.

    A lot of great years, a life lived with love. Modest accomplishments. A life waking up next to the same women every morning since then.

  • punkofnice
    giordano - He thanked me for saving him from the JW's.

    That's spiffing news.

    A lot of great years, a life lived with love.

    I had years like that, once, in the past.

    Modest accomplishments. A life waking up next to the same women every morning since then.

    I wake up on my own. Go to work on my own. I have become accustomed to being alone.

    Which is a bit of luck. When they say no man is an island, they forget Fred Madagascar.

    15. I collect silver age Spider-man comics. Yes, I know, with all my boredom of US TV and films (that's movies in Americanese), these are the publications I really love. Just to possess them is exquisite.

    Perhaps I have become fairly recluse.

    I am told, 'someone will come along for you.' They don't get it. I want to be left alone.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am grateful to be out also, and happy for you too.

    If you mean you are an unsuccessful author because it isn't financially supporting you, okay. But I found so much reward in writing my story. Money isn't everything. I had hoped to write more but I got it out of me. Maybe one day.

    My stint of "maybe Christendom is right" was short lived. Its been wonderful to be free to learn and examine, and I agree with tlyour God thoughts. The greatest thing I take away from gaining my freedom is that I don't judge people. I will argue where appropriate, but not so much face-to-face over God issues.

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