F. W. Franz epic talk May 11, 1975 (clip)

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  • Biahi

    I was at a district convention in 1976, Fred Franz gave a talk in which he shook his finger at the audience and said, “Are you disappointed that nothing happened? I’ll tell you why nothing happened. It’s because YOU wanted something to happen!” Blamed the rank and file for believing his lies. I remember thinking to myself, “What a fu$#*ng liar.” I was 16 years old.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I heard a number of Fred Franz's talks. Mainly because we lived in the eastern US, and my brother was in Bethel from '76-'80. We would go to attend some of the NY conventions, and other places on the East Coast. That is where you would most likely hear FW Franz, as he didn't have to travel very far. If you went to one of the conventions at the Belmont Race Track you were nearly guaranteed to hear him. All his talks kind of sounded the same. He was nearly blind in his later years, so he didn't use notes. The result was a sort of rambling, free-association style of speaking. JWs at the time thought he was sort of a genius or something. He had a way of sounding like he was brilliant, but in reality he was just bat-sh crazy.

  • RubaDub

    I'm still under the radar for some family issues and still connected to some "lifers" in the Borg / Bethel.

    I remember when Freddie F was at our house once for lunch or dinner or something when he gave a talk in our congregation when they did the Saturday night / Sunday talk thing.

    I was probably about 10 or 12 at the time. He pulled me aside and said (not an exact quote, but very close) ... "Rub a Dub, don't think about 1975 ... it's really 1974 ... there are likely some miscalculations in the actual number of months."

    I will never forget that. He was so sincere. An odd little man, but sincere. You could see it in his eyes.

    He really liked roasted lamb and red wine. I remember when he asked for refills of red wine, he referred to it as "coffee" ... lol.

  • slimboyfat

    That is true, Fred Franz argued for 1974 inside the GB, and he wanted to publish a revised chronology, but the rest of the GB slapped him down because they were tired of his tinkering, and probably anticipated enough fallout from 1975 already, without adding more fuel to the fire.

  • Finkelstein

    Franz's attempt to reuse the 6000 year dating calculation was just indicative to just how corrupt and disingenuous the leaders of the WTS were and still are.

    Citing October of 1975, really these guys should have worked for Disney as fiction cartoon writers.

  • RubaDub

    Fred Franz argued for 1974 inside the GB, and he wanted to publish a revised chronology ... they were tired of his tinkering ... enough fallout from 1975 already, without adding more fuel to the fire.

    slimboyfat ...

    Yes, from what I can remember, they went into "damage control" in the early 1970's. The "just in case" thing came out, as I can remember, around 1972/1973 or so when the new "extension" of time in which you had to add the time that Eve was created to the original 6,000 years or something like that.

  • wozza

    @ Smiddy3

    He did come to Australia.

    I remember that voice ,high and purposefully dramatic ,although when I heard it live he was near his end and wandered a bit off course and was a little subdued.

    It was at Adelaide Oval South Australia in the !980's but I don't recall the name of the talk ,but I do remember the expectation and excitement of the brothers that we were to have an actual visit from him ,as though Abraham himself was coming to talk to all.

    I was an attendant (or "security") at the cricket grounds main gate and was to keep it clear for his arrival which was in a large black limo . I recall amongst the attendants a murmur about it being such a grand entrance ,like for a king!

    The limo drove in and onto the oval up to the podium for him to speak. I could not listen to all the talk as we were kept busy in our duties as in those days we had bomb scares at assemblies ( though most of them were just suit cases left carelessly and no one knew who belonged to them).

    And just like that he was gone in the limo, leaving us to excuse his dramatic arrival and quick exit ,by reasoning he was after all blind and must be a busy man -oh brother what BS.

    These were the days when the governing body was supposed to be "faithful and discreet' and I think that alot of JW's did not even know the names of them. Not like today ,the new JW TV gods.

    I was left with an uneasy feeling about the arrival and talk of someone who I had been taught was only a man , but the reality was that to most JW's he was really special , and this was duplicity to me and gradually opened my eyes ,amongst other things to the lies.

  • wannaexit

    When I was a teenager I always thought I was stupid because I couldn't make heads or tails of Freddy's talk. Now I realize I wasn't the stupid one. It was Freddy all along that was the lunatic.

  • smiddy3

    Thank`s for that wozza ,i really dont remember him coming ,so obviously I couldn`t have been too impressed with him ,but then again it was indoctrinated in me from the outset that we were all equall . Though you think by now I would have seen the reality of it all.And maybe I did and just didn`t care who he was or claimed to be.

    We did attend a convention one time in Adelaide we were billeted out in Elizabeth ? And it was used as a kids learning place of some sort ? I only have very vague memories of that .We took my wifes younger single sister to that convention and where she was billeted out was with a family and apparently what she told us then was he tried to hit upon her ? I cant even remember about what year that would have been , hang on it would have to have been during the 1960`s.

    It couldn`t have been you wozza could it ? LOL

  • wozza

    Y.es it was told to us we were equal but I SAW THE LOCAL ANNOINTED treated as special many times, even to the point that two of them had expressed a difference privately that they had a different view of certain teachings but their local brothers accepted this as ok because they were annointed.

    Definitely not me lol, then I didnt go to my first meeting till 1974 and studied with an elder who believed the 1975 stuff. I stopped my study for a few years then .

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