F. W. Franz epic talk May 11, 1975 (clip)

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  • lastmanstanding


    F. W. Franz "Times in which we are particularly interested" May 11, 1975

    ;introduced by Kenneth A. Little, a much younger man than now for sure.

    The clip is 8 minutes.

    Unfortunately, some idiot recorded over part of this day many years ago. I am hoping to find another copy in the box.

  • Finkelstein

    Franz was one the biggest lying fraudsters of the pact of the Watchtower Corporation (Religious Publishing house) of the time.

    He spear headed the 1975 doctrine which was a concocted fraud in itself devised from using once again the dating calculation of 6000 years of mankind's existence ending in October 1975.

    This was used previously by the organization in the early 1900's and again in the early 1940's.

    Most people around at that time including myself weren't aware of that

  • johnamos

    LMS, do you happen to have a Feb 15, 1975 WT?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Thanks for posting. I remember hearing his talks.

  • smiddy3

    And 1975 wasn`t the first time the "Bible Students" as they were then known set a date for the end of 6,000 years of human history.

    They actually had the late 1800`s the first time they claimed 6,000 years had ended.

    As regards that clip lms ,I thought freddie waffled on a bit ,though the WT can`t deny they heightened expectations about the big A coming in 1975 .

  • slimboyfat

    Sorry but Franz sounds like a raving lunatic here. It makes it a bit more difficult for me to relate to JWs who were into this at the time. Presumably Franz was a better speaker when he was younger, and not under such pressure to maintain or justify his end time chronology.

  • smiddy3

    To put it into more perspective slim ,we here in Australia never heard Fred Fraz give any talks that I can remember and I was JW from 1960 onwards .

    Talks were always given mainly by Australian brothers from Bethel when it was a District assembly or an International convention .I remember L .Barry ,Henschell ,,I don`t think I ever heard Knorr ever give a talk either.

    They were purely for the American audiences or maybe even Europe ,probably Australia didn`t count for much in those days..

    Thats the way I remember it anyway .

  • Atlantis

    Fred Franz Talks and Transcript on 1975

    Talk--Time In Which We Are Now Interested

    Talk--What Is The Significance Of 1975?

  • lastmanstanding


    i have the Watchtower bound from 1970 onwards, and many individuals. I tossed more than 300 lbs of watchtower literature over the past month. Much of it flood damaged.

    i kept all the important stuff that I had.

    i have a full compliment of the books from Russel through Rutherford and Knorr

    i have KM I’m sure nobody has seen in forever.

  • lastmanstanding

    It’s funny, I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I just plain recorded the entire tape track to the hard drive. Then, once I pulled it into OBS software, the graphic told the story. You could see that some fool put this tape on his machine, listened to a few minutes, and then said “I don’t care about that” and hit record. There is a circuit assembly from 8 min 20 sec to past half, and then the 1975 assembly resumes.

    There is a drama from 1974 at Tiger Stadium, the previous year, that you just have to hear a few minutes of. I’ll get that ready.

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